Fall Television

What shows do I plan on watching this fall?  Well let us have a look.

Boardwalk Empire
Once True Blood ends, we actually get a good show on HBO on Sunday.  I am excited to see how Nucky responds with the world completely against him as opposed to the beginning of last season when everything was going his way.

I showed the preview last week and honestly, I hope this season is good.  I can pretty much tell you what will happen in the first episode:  House will make enemies in jail (also he will make plenty of jokes), then he will diagnose some prisoner (or guard)’s mysterious illness and save their life.  He will be out of jail in two episodes.

Last season ended with Castiel declaring himself as God.  I guess this season they will have to stop him from taking over the universe or something.  I wonder if it will end with the actual god returning and setting everything right…that would be lame.

I have no idea how I feel about this one.  I will watch it.  Who knows if it will be good though.

Sons of Anarchy
This is the show I am really looking forward to this season.  Where did we leave off?  Jax got his kid back, they faked out Agent Stahl and then murdered the bitch, and Jax accepts that Clay is the king and his father was foolish.  Judging by the previews, this will not last very long.

The Walking Dead
I am pretty sure it will still be good, even after all the off-season troubles.  As long as we see plenty of zombies and lots of death, I will be happy.

New Shows I Will Try
-Terra Nova
-American Horror Story
-Pan Am/Playboy Club
-Hell on Wheels

Old Shows That I Will Watch
-Always Sunny
-The League
-Archer (even if it is only 3 episodes)