Fantasy Baseball Week 22

The final regular week of the season.  Unfortunately, I was winning 12-0 all week, then on Saturday some of my pitchers sucked and Shellie’s pitchers decided to take advantage.  She took over ERA on Saturday, and then on Sunday, some asshole named Jeremy Hellickson decided to throw a complete game shutout.  That dropped the final score to 9-2.  I went from sixth place to fifth place, but had I not tied the win category, I would have jumped to third and if I went 12-0, I am pretty sure I would have been in second place.

Congratulations to Ryan for getting the first seed and pretty much dominating all season.  Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.  This week I take on James, who finished in fourth place.  I tied him the first time and beat him 9-3 last time.  Good luck my friend!

My best player this week was Dustin Ackley, he hit .429/.480, had a HR and a SB.  He also racked up six RBIs and three Runs.  Great week for the rookie.