Fantasy Baseball Week 23 and Football Week One

Well that is the end of the season.  Okay, not really, but I lost to James 7-5.  I am now playing Offord for 5th place.  Ugh, what a shitty way to end the season.  My team was beating James pretty bad all week and then completely collapsed over the weekend.  I was winning batting average, but ended up losing because my team completely sucked.

Anyways, it was a fun season, and I will try my best to win against Offord this week.  Good luck to everyone else still fighting for the championship.  Hopefully someone will beat Ryan, we cannot allow him to three-peat.  None of my players deserve any credit.  They can all suck it.

Two leagues and two wins.  Very nice way to start the season.  In Kevin’s league I beat Victorious Secret 104-42.  It was pretty awesome.  The majority of my guys got more points than they were projected, minus Matt Schaub.  Luckily, the NY Jets scored 19 points, so that was a nice bonus.

In the Steel City league, I thought for sure that I was doomed.  I got pretty intoxicated over the weekend (more on that later) and did not get to a computer in time to replace Arian Foster.  Also, I made a trade for Dez Bryant, but it went through on Saturday, but again did not start him.  So, I had two empty spots. 

In all honesty, I should have been destroyed, but fortunately my opponent did not replace a certain injured Indianapolis QB.  That saved my ass because I won 105.80-103.70.  Also, remember how I said I was going to look at defensive players?  Well I picked up Brian Urlacher and that was a very wise choice.  He racked up 20 points for me.  Aside from Matt Stafford, he was my best player.

Hopefully I do not make any idiotic mistakes this week.