Fantasy Baseball Week 24 and Fantasy Football Week Two

And just like that, my season is over.  Offord defeated me 6-5.  Congrats  Offord on fifth place.  Way to go me for sixth place.  I would like to point out that while it was close, most of my team sucked, minus Ryan Braun and Justin Verlander.  They pretty much tried to win this week by themselves.  Braun hit .455/.455, with six runs, four HRs, and seven RBIs.  Verlander won two games, with twelve Ks, 0.00/0.93.  Pretty impressive guys.  Also, these two picked up via trade, so obviously my draft skills suck.

Ryan is taking on Dave in the finals, as James battles Imler for third place.  I honestly do not care what happens at this point.  I hope everyone wins.

Kevin’s League
I beat Earthurriquakeacane! 129-124, which was the second highest score for the week and I took over first place with the only undefeated record.  Michael Turner and Jahvid Best had great games, but Jamaal Charles got hurt.  I picked up Pierre Thomas for next week.  

Speaking of next, I take on Couch Potato Hero’s and as of now the match-up projection does not look good for me.  Although, he still has Dez Bryant and Michael Vick, and either one could sit out this week.

Steel City League
Six stitches!  Jesus, I haven’t been raped like that since my prison days…157.90 to 82.46.  That is pretty much an ass beating right there.

Most of my players underachieved, or in Dez Bryant’s case, he did not even play.  Also, the Arian Foster may have hurt his leg some more, so who knows how that will go for me.  My best player was Matthew Stafford.

This week I take on Hurricane Arians, and he is projected to beat me, but one can never rely to heavily on those things.