Fantasy Football Preview

This year I am in two leagues:  Kevin’s league that I was in last and one with a bunch of Pittsburgh fans via twitter.  We shall now take a look at how my teams look. 

Ngewo’s Crappy Team
In Kevin’s league, I was able to attend the draft because a certain hurricane caused the date to change and instead of being an in-person draft, we just did it online.  Here are my results:

I like this team.  I took a chance on Jones and if he can perform well, I could honestly see some big things from him come mid-season.

I took Antonio Brown very late because I figured, what the heck.  Might as well get him now before someone scarfs him up if he starts putting up big numbers.

I think my biggest problem will be deciding who to start in my flex position each week.  Do I go with Best or Jones? 

Another tough decision is which QB to start.  I guess that is a good thing though.

Their are only eight teams in this league, so it is hard to tell if my team is really good, or if everyone’s team is really good.  If that makes sense…

I am a little annoyed that Ryan did not get in the league this year, since he was the one who got me involved.  We had some fun last year with trades and playoff games…well Ryan, if you want to offer advice, feel free.

This league is a little different:  14 teams, more position players:  3 WR/3 RB/and the flex position includes TE, also there is a defensive player as well.

Unfortunately, since it was decided pretty late to do this league, the draft was set for today and the only time available was 2:00, so I had to let Yahoo auto-draft.  I did a little adjusting to the pre-rankings, but I did not notice the defensive player, so I have no clue how this will turn out.

Auto-draft looks to have done a fairly good job.  I realized when I got to work that when I bumped defenses up in the pre-rankings that I may have pushed them way too high.  I was almost hoping that I would end up with Green Bay and Pittsburgh.  Figured that would be good trade bait.

My WRs look a little week, and I could be in trouble if Stafford gets hurt pretty early on.  I might have to look into making a trade with one of my RBs.

I also could probably upgrade on the defensive player, but I will need to look to see how the scoring works.  When Amanda (the commissioner of the league) tweeted me my roster, it said B. McCann.  My first thought was:  huh, they really did make it a combined baseball/football fantasy league.  I was happy with McCann as my catcher…

On a side-note (I am very hyphen happy tonight), I want someone to invent a year long fantasy sports league that allows you to draft players from all sports.  And I have the perfect day to hold the draft:  the day after the baseball all-star game.  No sports games that day!  You allow the season to run until the next ASG…it would be awesome…

Anyways, let me know what you think of my teams, what could I improve?  Also, I will try to update my weeks just like I do for baseball, but that will have to happen on Tuesday.