Fantasy Football Week Three

What a fantastic week….0-2.  I hate that the NFL does not force teams to announce if someone will play or not.  They should let us fantasy folks know on Friday or Saturday.

Kevin’s League
I got destroyed by Couch Potato Hero’s 127-78.  Since the NFL now hates running backs and only passing is encouraged, all of my backs scored a total of 11 points.  Also, the Jets defense decided to play very well against the Raiders, and well that is about it.

The only player on my team to actually do anything positive was Matt Schaub who scored 30 points for me.  That is not true, Mike Wallace put up 20 points as well, but all of those came early in the game.  I half-expected him to catch a few more huge passes and give me about 40.

This week I take on Offord, who is 1-2.  I am now 2-1 and in 4th place.

Steel City League
I lost to Hurricane Arians 90.64-75.26.  This was the league where I was left wondering who would actually play.  Arian Foster, Jacoby Jones, and Dez Bryant all questionable.  I also did not have Mario Manningham.

It was pretty amazing that I even scored 75.26 points.  Not one of my players (minus Fitzpatrick) scored a touchdown.  You cannot win when that happens (obviously).  This is a pretty deep league and players that other people might be able to pick up in other leagues have already been drafted in this one.  I am left with picking up Nate Washington or maybe starting Danario Alexander.

I am now 1-2 and in 10th place.  Hmm, this could be a long season for this team.