Lord of Chaos

Wow…that is really all I can say.  So much stuff happened in this book.  Actually it took me a minute to realize that I read the first half while on vacation at the beach, but then put it down for a bit because I was busy with other things.

The ending was absolutely amazing.  I really thought that this would be the book where Rand would make a mistake and would truly pay for it.  When he was captured by the Tower Aes Sedai, I expected them to take him to the Tower.  Fortunately, Mazrim Taim shows up after the rest of Rand’s rescuers begin to fail and he uses the army of channeling men to pretty much massacre everyone.

Where do things stand now?  How did Taim find Rand?  I was half expecting Lews Therin to take control and start killing everyone.  That would have scared the shit out of everyone and made people really think that Rand was going crazy.

I think there will be some major repercussions from Rand’s actions after the battle.  Making the Aes Sedai kneel and swear fealty to him was probably a mistake.  Could this be what is needed to unite the Tower under Egwene?  Will she start to think he is insane?  Also, I do not think they are going to react well to the men channeling and being so deadly.

Predictions and Observations
-Aran’gar, who freed Moghedien will turn out to be one of the Foresaken that Rand killed.  My guess is one of the guys from the first book.   That is why he was so pissed when he realized he was a beautiful woman.

-Mat and Perrin are my favorite characters.  Still love how the three still keep saying each one knows women.  I also hate the way Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve treat Mat.  They pretty much think he is the same boy from the Two Rivers.  Do they really think a massive army would follow him if he did not have leadership qualities.  Especially since he is ta’veren

-I really want someone to just destroy the White Cloaks.  They remind me way too much of a Christian group.  Haha.

-When will Rand face off against Sammael?  Hopefully soon.  I think that will be a pretty great battle.

-Honestly, I wish the Foresaken would come down hard on these so-called Aes Sedai (as they and Lews are often calling them).  It is funny to me how much was lost since their time.

-I hope that Logain joins with Rand.  Or maybe he will join with Taim and they will try to take down Rand.  That would be interesting.  But, that is unlikely, since Min saw great things from him.  Something tells me he will be the one to help Rand with Taim.

Anyways, that is all I got.  I may pick up the next book right now and dive right in.