My Fun Weekend

The plan was for Lindsey and I to go over to Penn State and tailgate with my brother and his girlfriend.  Then head down to a bar in State College and watch the PSU/Alabama game.  Well, the weather decided to put the kibosh on those plans.  It rained everyday last week, to the point that there was flooding all over PA.

We decided not to go over to tailgate since we were not sure who all was going over or if it would be a muddy mess.  We met up at my mom’s house around 2:30, and it was a nice, sunny day.  Oh well, we will try to go over for the Iowa game.

We started drinking as soon as we got there and things started out well for PSU.  They drove down the field and had to settle on a field goal.  Then they pretty much shutdown the Alabama offense.  Things looked kind of bright until the fake punt by Alabama.  They got a pretty good spot and received the first down.   It seemed like that was when the momentum shifted.

After that it was pretty much all Alabama.  Rob Bolden threw what seemed like ten interceptions in a row, but they kept getting overturned.  Then, McGloin came in and did absolutely nothing.  Here is something I noticed:  Bolden is like Matt Seneca and McGloin is like Zack Mills (did you know he is the offensive coordinator for the Clearfield Bisons?).  Hear me out for a second.  People thought Seneca sucked because he never seemed to complete passes, but he was not bad, he actually made nice on-target throws, but he threw them too hard and guys would drop them.  Mills would lob balls up and the receivers were able to catch them, but also would get intercepted more often.  Bolden needs to learn to put a little less zip on the ball at times.

Anyways, if you would like to read a pretty good article from Cory Giger about the state of PSU football, check it out here.  That is where I got the cool photo.

So, we pretty much drank the entire game, then we went to my brother’s apartment before going out to the Pub in Philipsburg.  We had a great time there drinking with friends and some family members.  Lindsey and I made it back to my mom’s house, where my step-dad and I stayed up until 4:30 drinking some more.

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty rough the next day.  We came home and I took a nap, but still felt like death.  I went to work with the Steelers getting their ass kicked.  It was pretty much not the way I wanted the weekend to go.

I left work and almost made it home, but then a stupid deer decided to jump out in front of my car.  Unfortunately, this is not a made-up story like the time I was attacked by a bear.  The son of a bitch ran right in front of my passenger-side headlight.  I clipped him and he ran off!  I am pretty sure he had a horrible headache after that though.  Actually, I hope he went off and died of brain trauma and I honestly hope he was in terrible pain.  Okay, that might be a little harsh, but I am still pretty pissed.  I do not have a car at the moment and I pretty much feel like a 15 year old again.