So Many TV Shows…

A pretty busy week of television, I will just get started…

Boardwalk Empire
I thought the premiere was pretty slow.  Enjoyable, but slow.  The big thing that we see happening is Eli and Jimmy working with the Commodore to bring down Nucky.  They pretended to be some KKK guys and shot a bunch of Chalky’s people.  This has the entire city close to a state of war.  Now it is on Nucky to fix the problem.

Also, I think that Jimmy is starting to regret his decision to try and bring Nucky down.  He looked at Nucky as a father and now the Commodore wants to be that father.  I see things getting very interesting, very fast.

Breaking Bad
Now this was not a slow show.  Where do I even start with this one?  Jesse and Gus head back to the States.  Gus decides to point out the he believes Jesse is ready to run the lab on his own.  Jesse does not like this and informs Gus that he cannot kill Mr. White.  Gus does not really like to be told what to do.

Back at the lab, Walt is being treated like complete shit since Hank is watching the laundry.  Walt realizes that his time is up since someone has been cooking at the lab when he is not there.  He deduces that it must be Jesse.  He confronts Jesse at home, but he is told to get away from him.  Tyrus comes and tases Walt.  At this point, I started to have doubts as to whether or not Walt would survive.  I know, the main character, but still.  It would be insane.

They take Walt to the desert and Gus finally comes out to see him.  Walt is informed that he is fired (what Jesse asked for) and that Hank will be killed.  If Walt tries to warn him, his entire family will be murdered.  Gus is one scary-ass motherf*cker.   

Walt then rushes to Saul and wants the guy who can make him disappear.  Unfortunately, when Walt goes home to get the money, Skylar informs him of the Ted thing.  Way to go Skylar, now your family is going to be murdered.  Oh, and now Marie calls Skylar to say that the DEA is there guarding them because they are in danger (apparently Saul made that call for Walt).  The episode ends with Walt lying in his crawlspace, laughing hysterically.  His only option is to go to the DEA, right?

Sons of Anarchy
We are finally starting to see what happened to JT.  It looks like he was about to go back to Ireland to cancel the gunrunning deal with the IRA, unfortunately, he did died before that trip.  Obviously Clay killed him.

Down in Arizona, we meet SAMTAZ (Sons of Anarchy Tuscon Arizona) and they are dealing meth.  It turns out they killed a member and got one to patch out so they could vote it in.  Clay does not like this and confronts the club about it.  They get the two dicks out, but SAMTAZ still votes for dealing meth.  As Bobby points out (very angrily):  dealing and supplying are pretty much the same thing.

We are seeing a precedence, if it is discovered that Clay decided to mule coke before putting it to a vote, then he could be relieved as President and a new vote taken (I mean, how does Clay not feel like a complete hypocrite?).  Also, what will the rest of the club think when Piney drops the bomb that Clay and Gemma murdered JT…hell, how will Jax react?

Person of Interest
I was pretty iffy about this one going in, I mean it sounded too good to be true:  Jesus, Ben Linus, creator of Lost and one of the The Dark Knight writers.  This just seemed like one of those shows that ends up being terrible.

Then all of sudden Jim Caviezel is dressed like a bum and beating the crap out of people on a subway.  Also, Michael Emerson is a billionaire who created a program that helps track crime before it happens.  Unfortunately, it worked too well and it was picking up all sorts of small crimes.  The government made him filter it to just pick out terrorist activity.  The other list is destroyed.  He built a back door and that is the list he has, but he just has a social security number.

Luckily, Caviezel plays a former CIA super-spy.  He pretty much has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve.  I knew from the beginning that the first person they were trying to save (the hot Natalie Zea) would end up being the bad guy.  I am sure there will be plenty of those kind of things each week.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I liked it, but I can see it becoming pretty silly after awhile.  There has to be an overall story that has not been revealed yet.  Maybe someone is monitoring these two…

What a disappointing premiere…Castiel was God for about 32 minutes.  Then he is convinced to give up the power before he explodes.  He gives up all the souls and all should be good.  Unfortunately, the Leviathan’s stuck around inside and have now taken control.  Yep, Castiel is still a bad guy, but only now he is some kind of weirdo.

The only cool part was Dean, Sam, and Bobby binding Death the way that Lucifer bound him all those years ago.  Needless to say, Death was not very pleased.  The dude that plays him is absolutely awesome.  Castiel broke the binding and then Death tells them to clean up their own damn mess.

Pan Am
I decided to give this one a shot as well.  I figured that this and The Playboy Club would just be blatant ripoffs of Mad Men, well TPC seems to be (that is all that I have heard about it).  PA was pretty good, I had no clue what it was about, but it seems like there will be spies involved as well.  Also there are hot girls.  Always a plus.

Terra Nova
Time-travel and dinosaurs!  What else could a person ask for…although, when they started showing the crazy rock drawings, I pretty much thought they were going to hint at aliens.  Luckily by the end we know that it is just Taylor’s son who is out there being crazy.  Also, there is some sinister plot about the real reason Terra Nova was created.

I must say that I enjoyed Jason O’Mara in Life on Mars (the American version, I know that is such a horrible thing to say).  Anyways, I am glad that he has a big role.