SOA Premiere: Out

Last night’s season premiere pretty much kicked ass.  Obviously it was no where near the level of the premiere of season two, but still very good.  It started out 14 months after last season with some of the members getting out of jail.  They are free and there are plenty of changes happening in Charming.

There is a new sheriff in town, as Mayor Hale has gotten rid of the Charming Police and put them under the jurisdiction of the county police.  The new guy is a bit of a dick and he will not be bought off by Clay.  Hale is trying to develop Charming into a place for rich, white people.

It appears that SAMCRO made a deal with the Russians while they were in jail.  Apparently, Jax got shanked and they needed to stop the violence or else they would all end up dead.  Now that they are out, the Russian’s basically have the guns that SAMCRO is supposed to be getting from the IRA.  Clay negotiates a deal with the Russians that should make everyone happy.

There is an assistant US attorney in Charming, who is trying to bring down all the gangs together.  He has a man inside the Russian gang and he believes he can take down SAMCRO, the Russians, and the IRA all with the same law used by Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.  This new AUSA is a weird individual.

Everyone goes to Opie and Lyla’s wedding and this was actually an excuse for some of the guys to leave for a booze run and actually visit the Russians and pick up the guns.  SAMCRO kills the Russians and take the guns.  Clay, Jax, and Opie go out in the woods to try out the new pistol that the Russian boss gave to Opie.  Clay turns and shoots the two goons and Opie grabs the boss.  Jax then sticks a knife in him.  We see the guys dumping the bodies out in the future site of Hale’s luxury homes.

Here are some of the other cool things happening:

-I loved when Clay rolled off of Gemma and he made the comment about that being too quick and Gemma says that he must gotten used to those quickies with Juice in a dark corner and Clay responds with something like “Do not turn what Juice and I had into something dirty and torrid!”  That cracked me up.

-Awe, Jax proposes to Tara.  Actually he just puts a ring on her finger and says that he loves her.  He never really asks anything.  He also informs her that his father was weak, and could not leave the club, but Jax is not weak.  He will leave the club once he has enough bank that they can live comfortably since he has no real skills.

-This is Jax biggest mistake:  he underestimates Gemma.  I do not know how far she is willing to go to keep her family together.

-Jax and Opie should open their own porn studio.  Get Lyla and her friends, boom!  Instant money again.

-Judging from the previews for upcoming episodes, Clay will not go down without a fight and he will take the club into some very dangerous territory.

-Otto killing the Russian by stabbing him in the ear was pretty awesome/gruesome.  Not the way I want to be killed while in prison.