Sports Silliness

The last few days have provided some funny sports stuff.  Let us take a look at a few of them.

Haha, very classy Rice!  Probably the only thing I will remember about them all season.

World-class athlete…running is hard!

Seriously, what the hell is Morgan thinking?  Does he really want a piece of Pujols?  That man would destroy him.  Also, I would love to see Fielder and Pujols fight.  Plus, if Morgan was so serious about fighting, how is it that Prince Fielder is able to lightly jog run full speed over to grab Morgan?  That was one of those:  “oh shit, I hope someone grabs before I get my ass beat.”

And then Morgan decides to go to twitter…

Calling Albert Pujols a woman…wow.  Very clever Nyjer!  I also see that spelling is kicking your ass, especially “where vs. we’re.”  What a joke…

Things I learned from the Sidney Crosby press conference:
-His brain is like a Ferrari
-The etymology of the word concussion…it comes from Latin!
-Christmas is a celebration
-90% is better than 89%
-Sid needs to buy polo shirts a size bigger…he looked like he was about to explode out of that and start screaming “SID ANGRY!!! SID SMASH!!”
-According to the ladies, Sid is still sexy.
Vestibular perception
-Sid is not retiring.  Or at least, do not bet on that.

Wow, just wow…these uniforms look like something you would see in Grant Morrison’s Invisible.

3 thoughts on “Sports Silliness

  1. I wish there was a pit full of spikes and acid halfway down the third base line.

    Poo Holes vs. Fielder… I’m going Poo on that one. He’s huge and looks mean. Fielder’s a chubby punk. Plus, Poo is 4″ taller.

    Woah. I just went to Wikipedia to check their heights, and happened to notice Prince Fielder’s middle name. It’s practically Semen!

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