The New DCU

I have yet to read any of the DC comics with the whole new universe crap.  Everyone I have talked to and articles I have read, basically have said about the same thing:  meh.  The only thing I took out of what everyone is saying:  weird sex.

Apparently it is implied that Batman may have a premature ejaculation problem.  Also, do their suits have holes that they can quickly have sex?  This is weird.

I am guessing that in the DC Universe, Starfire is an absolute slut.  Actually, I have no problem with a girl wanting sex, but come on, the way she ends that sentence.  She is implying that she can go out and find a random dude to bang.  I thought they were trying to attract younger readers or something.

I guess my other question, does this make women look good or bad?

Needless to say, I am less than enthused about reading anything when they go into trade form.