This Week in TV

True Blood
I guess the writers of the show have a time-machine that allowed them to go into the future and read my blog and then go back to write an episode following my ideas.  Okay, honestly, most of the episode sucked balls, but then the end got interesting.

The Good Stuff:
-Marnie killed Jesus.  Hopefully this means no more stupid witch shit.
-I am pretty sure I saw 3/4 of Jessica’s boob.
-Steve Newlin is back and now he is a vampire.
-Russell Edgington is back.  I am guessing he made Steve a vampire and that is who rescued him.
-TARA IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!

The Bad Shit:
-Sookie was so annoying with her little speech to Eric and Bill, drawing it out like that.  Eric should have ripped her head off.
-Nan’s death would have been cool if Bill had not screamed “we are not fucking puppy dogs.”  That just made it lame.
-The final confrontation between Marnie and the vampires/good witches was pretty weak.  I mean, Gran comes out of nowhere and pulls her from Lafayette’s body?
-Please just end Terry and Arlene’s story.  The ghost of Rene coming to warn her about Terry?  Stupid.  I think their relationship should have been the one normal thing going on in the show.

-The Authority having it out for Bill and Eric could be interesting.  Will they have to team up and start trying to recruit against the Authority?  OR will Russell being back just cause that little part to be forgotten…
-The fairies need to go away forever.
-Sookie should spend all of next season in prison for murdering Debbie (and should be accused of murdering Tara).

Breaking Bad
Now if you want to watch great television, this is what you watch.  Last week’s episode has been called one of the greatest episodes ever.  It was that good, this episode was also very good.  There is nothing bad to say about it, but just allow me to get to the good stuff.

Good Stuff:
-Gus just walking towards the sniper.  That was pretty badass.
-Mike rescuing Jesse then giving him a lecture about just standing there.  Mike cracks me up.  He does not really like Jesse, but he understands the importance of him.
-The dinner between Gus and Jesse was great.  Jesse wigging out about them killing Mr. White when asked if he can cook his formula.  Gus then calmly explaining that is not what he said.
-Skylar had a nice moment with Ted, acting like an idiot accountant.
-Then shit went down and allow me to say, it was pretty damn cool.

Jesse needs Walter’s help, but Walter is pissed because he knows Jesse went to Gus’ house and had dinner and did not poison him.  Jesse is freaking out because Gus wants Jesse to go to Mexico and teach the cartel how to cook the blue meth.  Jesse is worried that he will not be able to answer their questions and someone will kill him.

Walter does not really care and accuses Jesse of screwing up the one job he had, killing Gus.  He shows Jesse the tracking device he planted on his car, which Jesse throws at Walter’s head.  The two then get into a great fist fight.  There has been so much shit building between these two.  Walter does not realize that the more he changes, the more he is pushing away Jesse.  This is probably the final straw since after the fight (Jesse clearly won), Jesse asks if Walt can walk and when he says yeah, Jesse responds with “good, then get the f*ck out of my house and never come back.”  It was awesome.