Two Sides

I am sure most of you have heard about the Troy Davis execution last night.  Yesterday the internet was all abuzz about the entire situation and I figured I better weigh in with my thoughts.

I can understand why people are upset about the execution.  Yes, there does not seem to be a whole lot of evidence that Davis actually committed murder.  Unfortunately, he went through the system and none of these courts have found any proof that he was given an unfair trial.

I do not think he should have been executed.  I am not saying that he is innocent, but since the only real proof was another witness (who most likely could have been the killer) then I do not think you can have an execution.

This does not mean I am against the death penalty though.  The jack-ass in Pittsburgh (Richard Andrew Poplawski) who killed three police officers should be executed.  Pretty much anytime you are caught killing someone or there is overwhelming evidence, the death penalty should be used.

Also, I am pretty sure there are certain individuals who should be executed.  In fact, I think child molesters or serial rapists should just be taken out behind the woodshed and put down like the animals they are.  I mean, look at this story and tell me this guy deserves to live.  He tortured and raped a girl, and to top it off he set her on fire.  Yeah, he seems like a decent guy.

Well those are my thoughts.  Feel free to give me your thoughts.