Boardwalk Empire and Walking Dead: Hanging Murders

Maggie is played by Lauren Cohen, the girl who played Bela  on Supernatural.

Walking Dead
The episode started off pretty weak, but then it got pretty good.  I will not lie, the whole debate between Rick and Lori about allowing Carl to live or die was pretty lame.  I almost fell asleep.  Also, the religious discussion between Glenn and Maggie was weak, although I did enjoy the blossoming romance between the two.

Anyways, Shane makes it back with the stuff and he tells everyone that Otis did not makes, that he sacrificed himself for Shane to get away.  Unfortunately, as he shaves his head, he remembers what happened and it was nothing like what he said.

As the two men made their escape and were running out of bullets, Shane shoots Otis in the leg and then takes the pack from him.  Otis tries to fight back and that is why Shane is shaving his head.  Hmm, this is a nice change from the comics.  Otis stuck around for a good bit and died a bit later from something else.  I have a feeling this is their idea of demonizing Shane more, that way things will be justifiable later…

I did like the zombie hanging from the tree.  I also loved that Daryl was not going to kill it since he figured it was a waste of an arrow.  Such an awesome character already.

Boardwalk Empire
Just when things seemed to be going the right way for Nucky, a small wrench gets tossed into the gears.  Turns out that Senator Edge will get his revenge after all.  He decided to listen to the Commodore and Jimmy, and told the Attorney General that he wants him to prosecute Nucky.

Then Jimmy finds out that Herman was working with Nucky.  The big Jewish butcher does not like this very much.  He invites Jimmy over and wants him to kill Herman.  They learn about Nucky’s deal with Philadelphia and intercept.  Turns out the muscle is Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky.  They cut a deal to work together to bring Nucky and Rothstein down.  Oh man, that shit gets me pretty excited.

Unfortunately, the Lucy storyline was shitty.  She had the baby, but Rose found out and now she is pissed at Nelson.  Ugh, I liked it better when he was murdering his partner.  Go back to that…