Boardwalk Empire Scalping

There were so many awesome moments during last night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire.  The best part though, is Nucky getting his power back.  Pretty scary for Jimmy and his pals.  Here are some of the great things that happened:

-Eli and Nucky get into a fight.  Eli begs for Nucky’s help.  I felt so bad once he started crying, and I thought for sure that Nucky would accept him back into the fold.  Then Nucky pretty much tells him to go screw himself.  They get into a fist-fight and Eli tries to grab his gun, but then Margaret shows up with a shotgun and tells Eli to leave.  Nucky yells at her and says that the next time she points a gun at a person to make sure it is loaded.

-Jimmy pays a visit to his investors and when he mocks the really old, rich guy’s chipped beef, the old bastard whacks him in the head with his cane, leaving Jimmy with a nasty cut on his forehead.  These rich guys are not too happy that the Commodore is out of commission and they really do not like the idea of Jimmy running things.

-Richard takes a little side trip out to the forest, where he plans to kill himself.  Then a dog comes and takes his mouth.  He chases after the dog and runs into a few hunters.  He joins their camp, eats some squirrel and gets a lesson on life.  The one guy informs him that this forest is for hunting, for living, not for other things.  He seemed to know what Richard planned.

-Then George shows up at Eli’s house (Eli might be a little bit drunk) and decides to berate Eli about the Commodore.  Eli becomes frustrated and grabs a giant wrench and hits George in the throat.  George collapses and Eli then crushes his skull with the wrench.  His deputy shows up and they get rid of the body.  I am not going to lie, when he hit George with the wrench, it was pretty unexpected.

-Richard goes to see Jimmy, to basically ask him a question:  would Jimmy go to war for him.  Jimmy responds that he would be by his side down to the last bullet.  Richard agrees to help Jimmy out.  They pay a visit to the old bastard who hit Jimmy.  The guy brags about being in the Army when they defeated the Sioux and seeing 20 men take down 2000 screaming savages.  Jimmy and Richard grab him and Richard proceeds to scalp the prick.  Jesus…it was pretty gruesome and detailed.