Breaking Bad: End Times

There are plenty of decent shows on television, unfortunately none of them really come close to the level of excellence that Breaking Bad reaches each and every week.  If you have not seen the latest episode then you should stop reading now.

When Jesse finds out that Brock is sick, I immediately said to Lindsey that he must have taken the poison capsule from Jesse’s cigarette.  I honestly thought that it was a mistake, that Brock just got it out of his pack or something.

It was not until Jesse goes to Walter’s house, that I realized the brilliance of Gus.  He poisoned Brock to make Jesse believe it was Walter.  What did he say to Jesse over the phone when discussing what to do with Walter?  This is the perfect way for Gus to get rid of Walter, have Jesse kill him.  There was nothing better than seeing Jesse realize that Walt would never hurt a child and that Gus is more than willing use anyone.  Great to see Jesse and Walter working together again.

I was seriously nervous the entire time that Walter was waiting for Gus to get into the car.  I kept expecting someone like Mike to show up and beat the crap out of him.  Instead, Gus just realizes something is wrong and decides to leave on foot.

I half-expected Steve to find something that would prove there was a meth-lab there.  I also wondered how they were handling Jesse getting to work.  Obviously if Hank saw Jesse there, he would have some major questions.  Am I the only person out there who wants Hank to finally catch Gus Fring?

I also thought that Marie was going to take a bullet.  When she kept saying about how much danger they were in and how Walter needed to get his butt over there, I thought that would be a great moment to have a sniper kill her.

I cannot wait until next week’s finale.  I have no clue what will happen, although it looks like Jesse might go to the DEA, but maybe that is just how they want it to seem.