Fantasy Football Week 5

Kevin’s League
I went into last night’s MNF game losing 114-106, with only Jahvid Best playing for me.  Luckily the team I was playing against had no one playing, so I felt fairly confident.  Unfortunately, I remembered that Best only got me six points last week.

For most of the game, it seemed like I was destined to lose.  Then all of a sudden, Best broke free and scored a huge TD and was over 100 yards.  I was flipping between that game and the end of Terra Nova and I missed his huge run.  That run sealed the deal for me and I beat Team Milksteak.  I ended up winning 128-114.

Aside from Best, BenJarvus Green-Ellis was my best player.  He put up 26 points and helped me move into third place with a 3-2 record.

Steel City League
Unfortunately, in this league things did not go so well.  I got beat by the first place team (Strike Team) 144.10-111.16.  I am now in tenth place and next week I take on the second best team.  This could be a long season in this league.

The good thing for me is that Gore, Garcon, and Foster all had nice weeks.  The bad thing though, they were the only ones.