Fantasy Football Week Four

Kevin’s League
Damn you Reggie Wayne!  I lost 110-107 to Offord.  During Monday night’s game, I kept expected Wayne to make a huge catch.  In fact, the one that Garcon caught for 50-something yards, I thought Wayne caught it and was very pumped.

I am actually not that upset about losing this week.  My team scored points, so I cannot complain too much.  If I started BenJarvisGreenEllis (that is all one word, right?) I would have won.  Who knew that Reggie Wayne was my weak link. 

My best player was Michael Turner, who scored 20 points.  My biggest surprise was Julio Jones.  I took a chance, and he turned out to be a pretty good bet this week.   I am now 2-2 and I dropped all the way to sixth place.  Fortunately, I am not that far behind first place, so it is still doable.

Steel City League
I beat the first place team, Mean Machine, 146.76-126.02.  Yeah, that brought me back to 2-2, but I am still in ninth place.  A long crawl up outta the basement.  I also put up that many points with Mario Manningham only scoring one freakin’ point for me.

This was the kind of stuff I expected from having Frank Gore and Arian Foster.  They scored 19.90 and 22.60 respectively.  Normally, those would be my best players, yet Pierre Garcon had an even better game.  He scored 26.60 points.

Next week I take on Strike Team, who is the new first place leader.  I believe in my team now.