Fantasy Football Week Seven

Kevin’s League
I hate when I lose like this.  I lost to Poop Sex 140-113…normally 113 points would be enough to beat anyone, unfortunately for me the Colts decided to just allow the Saints do whatever they wanted.  He had Sproles and Colston, who each had 21 points. 

I had some fairly good performances, but none were better than my kicker Mason Crosby.  Dude put up 17 points for me.  That is pretty impressive.  Also, I need to stop starting Reggie Wayne, the Colts are really bad.

I am a little worried about next week, I have a few players on bye and with Jahvid Best possibly out again, things could be a little rough.  Anyways, I dropped to third place, but the guy I am taking on also has a bunch of byes as well.

Steel City League
Hey now, a win is a nice thing.  I beat dang woodchucks 118.22-98.04.  I did that without a running back, since Frank Gore was on a bye week and I forgot to start DeMarco Murray, who racked up 31.20 points.

Unfortunately, I am still in 10th place with a 3-4 record.  I take on another basement dweller this week, so maybe I can get back to .500.