Fantasy Football Week Six

Kevin’s League
I beat Chris 112-99.  It was tied at 89 after Sunday’s games and I only had the Jets defense and he had Brandon Marshall.  I pretty much had faith that the Jets would score me plenty of points, since they have done it all season.  They did not disappoint by putting up 23.

My best player was Michael Turner, who racked up 25 points as the Falcons beat up on the Panthers.  This victory moved me into second place and I am only three points behind the first place team.  There are four of us who are 4-2.

This week could be tough for me, I have a player on bye (as does he), but my team is only projected for 80 points.  That does not worry me though, since my team is never projected for many points.

Steel City League
I lost 117.22-109.82…blah blah blah.  At least I have Frank Gore.  That is about it.  I am now 2-4 and in 11th place.  Not much to say really.