PSU vs. Iowa

For my birthday, Adam and Lora decided to take Lindsey and I to the PSU/Iowa game.  Obviously, this will not be about the game, instead it will be about getting drunk.

We headed over at 8:30 a.m., but once we got there, one of our group realized they forgot the tables.  We waited for them to get back and ended up getting parked around 10.  I did not eat much and basically drank all day on an empty stomach.  This will be important later.

There was plenty of drinking and we walked over to some other people’s tailgate to play some corn hole (we did not know these people).  Best part, my phrasing to the lady when I first asked “hey, do you mind if we use your corn hole.”  Sounds so dirty…

After getting destroyed by Adam and Lora (who had to play against the owners), she and I walked over to the next one and played the ring toss game.  We got beat because the guy who had it was pretty much amazing at it.  We did not do too bad for our first time, but this guy pretty much scored 20 points in one round.

We continued drinking and it was now almost time to head to the game.  For most of the day my stomach did not feel right.  Before we walked to the stadium, something happened that has not happened in a very long time.  I threw up.  I gagged, then I dry-heaved, and then a little puke came up.  I did this four times.   It was never much puke, but just enough to qualify as me vomiting.  So embarrassing!

We made it into the game and I bought a steak sandwich.  After that I felt pretty good.  We made it to our seats, which were actually pretty good.  We were nine rows back in the corner of the end zone.  Unfortunately, I was sitting at the edge of the seat and was pretty uncomfortable.  At half-time we went to piss and get some food (I ate some chicken tenders and fries).

During the second half, I asked the people beside us if they could move down a little so Adam (who now was on the edge) could have a little more room.  The lady got snippy and said that her seats were the ones we were in.  I replied that her children were not really people and did not need full seats.  She did not find that as funny as I did.

Apparently, a bunch of people were supposed to be in different seats.  It should not have been a big deal, but it ended up becoming one.  Luckily Adam calmed the situation down by telling all of us to be quiet about it.

After the game, we went back to my mom’s house and I fell asleep for a bit, then sat around with my mom and step-dad and drank some beers, watched football/baseball/hockey (advantage of having a bunch of TVs in the basement).

It was a pretty awesome time and I was glad to finally be able to show Lindsey what a Penn State game is like.  I only wish we had walked around more so she could see just how many people were actually outside tailgating.

Game Thoughts:
-The fake field goal was pretty awesome, I just wish it would have resulted in a touchdown.
-I am sick and tired of hearing how much talent Bolden has and yet never seeing him do anything.  I want to see him run it more (I thought he was supposed to be a dual threat QB?) and I want to see him make better passing decisions.
-It was nice to see them establishing some sort of running attack.  Unfortunately, beating Iowa does not really impress me, we need to beat Illinois or Nebraska.

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  1. “I replied that her children were not really people and did not need full seats.” That lady must be a super asshole, because that line was hilarious.

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