SOA: Piney is Dead

Well it looks like I was right about last week, Juice did not die.  In fact when he tried again, Chibbs found him and stopped him.  Hopefully they can resolve this, maybe Juice will come clean with him and they go murder the sheriff together.

The rival cartel killed a bunch of Mayans and members of SAMTAZ.  Bobby’s vote for president was delayed by gunfire.  Chucky hid a head in the chili, which the cops then ate.  Yeah, pretty much your standard SOA episode.

Actually, Clay gave a great speech at the fundraiser for the Charming Gardens.  He and Oswalt donated the $75,000 needed and he actually sounded like a pretty good guy.  After that he paid a visit to Piney, who would not back down about getting the club out of the drug muling business.  Piney was ready for him and forced Clay to remove both of his guns.  Unfortunately when Clay left, as Piney locked the door, Clay smashed his way back in and grabbed Piney’s gun, shooting him in the chest.  He then used Piney’s blood to write LS on the picture of the original nine.

RIP Piney!  The club’s tequila usage drops 59.3% without ya!

This is the point of no return for Clay.  He could have sent Tig to kill Piney, but he did not.  He did it himself.  I have a feeling that Gemma will suspect that something was a little off.  Also, it is now only a matter of time before Tara tells Jax about the letters and about how Piney confronted Clay (if she knows that).  Tara will make Jax see that it is not a coincidence that she received a death threat and then Piney dies…

The real question is will Jax kill Clay when it comes down to it?  I think there will eventually be a scene where Jax has Clay in a position to kill him and he will say something “I am not going to kill you, because I’m not like you.”  As he walks away, Opie will then come in and kill Clay and say something like “this is for my wife and for my father.”  See, writing a TV show is easy.  Now I have no clue how they will get out of this cartel mess.