The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere

Last night’s premiere of The Walking Dead was pretty damn awesome.  The beauty of having the show be different from the comic book is that I at least have no clue what will happen next.  Yes, at some points there are things that I almost identical, but other times they go completely away from the original material.

How tense was the entire herd scene?  Everyone hiding under cars as thousands of zombies shuffle past.  I will not lie, my pulse was racing.  The funny thing is we did not even learn about herds until much later in the comics.  As Rick described early on, there seemed to be two kinds:  roamers and the ones who just stand around.  We learn later that the roamers have tendency to form packs, and as the packs collide, they form herds…which can be pretty damn scary when you think about it.

Most people were probably pretty shocked by the ending, where Carl takes a bullet during a hunting trip.  I vaguely remembered that from the comics, but I was expecting something else to happen during this scene.  Actually, does anyone remember Sophia ever going missing in the comics?

Honestly, Carl and Sophia are two of my favorite characters in the comics.  Mostly because of how Kirkman shows them adapting and coping to the situations they are constantly put in.  Carl is probably turning into a sociopath and Sophia, well she just seems to repress everything about her past.  Her and Carl will probably survive everything and end up ruling the world.

Another cool thing about the show is Merle.  I realize he is a hillbilly, racist prick, but he seems to be the only capable of making smart decisions.  He and Rick gutting the zombie to see what it ate last was pretty nasty.

I could do without the whole Andrea being suicidal thing.  I realize they had to condense a few characters and they are now combining her story with some of another characters, but it just makes her less interesting.

I am guessing we will be seeing the group make it’s way to Hershel’s farm.  I was just looking at the comics and it blows my mind how quickly they found the secret place they go after the farm (if you have read the comics, you know what I mean).  Will they reach that point this season or will they wait until next season?  Or will the season finale end with Rick stumbling upon the view of what he thinks will be paradise….