Wheel of Time Casting: Main Characters

I think most of my long-time readers have probably figured out that I enjoy taking books I have read and casting them for movies.  It is just something fun.  Obviously, I am not finished with The Wheel of Time series, but I figure it is not too early to start with this one.

Rand al’Thor
The Dragon Reborn.  The main character of the entire series.  I was thinking about someone who could play the brooding, almost insane hero of the story.  I came to the conclusion that Hayden Christensen should get a chance in life to redeem himself.  He had some good moments in the Star Wars films, but they were mostly overshadowed by some really crappy scenes.

I do not know why, but I can just see him as Rand.  The constant muttering to himself, maybe yelling at the voice inside his head.

Also, his time as Anakin prepared him to practice with a sword.  Just give him some cool dragon tattoos on his forearms and dye his hair and you pretty much have Rand.

Perrin Aybara

Probably one of my favorite characters so far.  He was learning to be a blacksmith before he got caught up in everything.  He is pretty much described as being a big guy with a beard.  My original thought was Ryan Hurst, who plays Opie on Sons of Anarchy.  He is a big guy with an awesome beard.  Then I remembered seeing a picture of Tom Welling with a beard.  Now that is a big guy.

Perrin has his little power from the wolves and he is pretty deadly with his ax.  The other great thing about him is the way he acts around girls, a little shy and unsure of himself.  Remember Clark early on in Smallville?  Perrin is like a big ol’ teddy-bear, but when you piss him off, you better watch out.

Mat Cauthon
Mat was the character that I initially thought would end up turning to the Dark One.  Especially when he was in possession of the dagger, I thought for sure he would do anything to get it back, including giving up his soul.

I tossed around a few actors to play him, but then I realized that the perfect person would be…ME.  Look at his attributes and tell me if it does not sound like me:
-Gambler with unnatural luck:  check.
-Sarcastic/smartass:  check
-Dislikes authority:  check
-Good with the ladies:  check
-Likes to drink:  check
-Master with a quarter-staff:  check
-Impetuous:  check

Okay, a few of things probably do not fit me, but he gets to wear an awesome hat, and I think that makes me a shoe in.  Hollywood, if you are reading this, I will do it and I will work cheap!  Hey, it is my blog, my rules!

Egwene al’Vere
She is the girl that seems to be destined for Rand from the beginning…until she and him agree that they do not love each other.  She must be pretty hot since certain other characters fawn all over her.

She goes from being a normal girl to one of the most powerful novices/Accepted Aes Sedai to living with the Aiel and training to be a Wise One.  Once she returns to the Aes Sedai, she is elected to the Amyrlin Seat.

Camilla Belle would be perfect as Egwene.  She pretty much has the same physical attributes as Egwene and she has the ability to play a strong-willed character (I think she does anyway).  Also, she shares a birthday with me, so it would be a pretty good time on set on October 2nd.

Moraine Damodred
The first Aes Sedai we meet in the book.  She finds the three ta’veren and pretty much puts them on the path to all the craziness they get into.  She has a secret plan with Siuan to find and guide the Dragon Reborn.  At one point, she swears an oath to Rand to do whatever he says.

Later she disappears into a portal with Lanfear.  As of the book I am on now, she is presumed dead, as well as Lanfear.  My favorite thing about her is that when you first meet her, you think of her as so super-powerful.  Then when we meet the Foresaken, you realize how little these current Aes Sedai know.

Also, she must be pretty hot, since all the guys in the town want to dance with her at the beginning of the first book.  This was a character I pondered over for a few days. Then I saw a preview for The Good Wife and remembered how great Julianna Margulies was in ER.  She has the look to pull it off, especially since she must be well into her 40s and still looks pretty good.

Lan Mandragoran
Moraine’s warder and the uncrowned king of some borderland nation (Malkier).  Of the warders, he sounds like the most badass.  He begins the series teaching Rand how to sword fight and later he councils Rand (sometimes at odds with what Moraine is telling Rand).

I would imagine that most people would think of someone like Viggo Mortensen, but not this guy.  I see someone a little more square-jawed.  Also, he needs to be stoic, but when he speaks, everyone listens.  Hmm, does that sound like another character I enjoy?  Don Draper?  Yes, I think Jon Hamm would be perfect as Lan.

Nynaeve al’Meara
The woman who loves Lan.  The former Wisdom of Rand’s village, she goes after the boys and vows to harm Moraine in some way.  It is later discovered that she has the ability to become an Aes Sedai and maybe one of the most powerful.

Unfortunately, she has an insane temper, which is the only way she is able to channel.  Her main talent is Healing, and she uses this gift to cure people who have been stilled, including my personal favorite Logaine.

She apparently has long hair, which she braids and tugs on when she gets pissed.  Evangeline Lilly has some experience getting angry, hell I am pretty sure her entire role on Lost was either being pissed at Jack or Sawyer.

The gentle Ogier, who ran away from his stedding and wanted to see the world.  He seems to be the gentle giant, except when he is backed into a corner and has to fight.  Then he seems to be pretty formidable.

He always has his nose in a book or is working on his own book about the Dragon Reborn.  Obviously this one would have plenty of makeup and you really just need a voice.  Who has a better voice for someone like Loial than Michael Clarke Duncan?  Remember in The Green Mile how he sounded so gentle?  Yeah, he would be perfect.  They could probably do a Gollum and make the character all CGI or whatever.

Alright, this does it for this round of characters.  Stay tuned for the next installment, which will probably be Rand’s girls.  After the jump, you can see some awesome drawings from Seamassketches.  Some of them were my inspiration for who to use.