Wheel of Time Casting: The Foresaken

The major bad guys from the books.  They strike fear into everyone who encounters them.  Unfortunately, since I am not finished with the series, some of them will be tough to cast.  Also, some of the Foresaken use a different look when dealing with people, so that will be for a later post, when I am closer to being finished.

One of the first we meet.  He and Rand battle at the Eye of the World for the saidin inside.  Everyone thinks that Rand killed Aginor, but he actually overdosed on the power.

The thing about Aginor is that he was closest to the Seal when it was closed and unfortunately, he kept aging while most of the others stayed young.  Also, we learned at one point that he is responsible for the Trollocs.  Yes, he used to breed humans and animals, apparently he was a brilliant geneticist when he was an Aes Sedai.

Which actor sounds like he could pull off the role?  How about Christopher Lee?  He is pretty much the definition of the evil, demented old guy for every movie nowadays.

Aginor’s little buddy that joins him at the end of the first book.  He suffers the same problem as Aginor, but his tongue is missing.  I think he wears a mask because he was so vain.  I am guessing he must be pretty damn ugly at this point.

He attacked the Green Man and pretty much killed him, but the Green Man fired back and killed Balthamel with some poisonous mushrooms.  That just seems kind of funny to me.  Also, can anyone else think of the Green Man without picturing Charlie from It’s Always Sunny?

In fact, just for the sake of being funny, how about we have Charlie Day play Balthamel?  It would just be a nice twist, the Green Man killing the Green Man.  These things make me laugh.  Plus, Balthamel would probably be a good amount of make-up anyway.

She plays a major part early in the books.  She at first comes to Rand as Selene (as well as to Mat).  At some points she seems to be trying to help Rand.  She ends up helping him bind Asmodean as Rand’s teacher.

She was also working with some of the other Foresaken with a plan to try and turn Rand to the dark side.  Unfortunately, her plan never came to fruition because she found out that Rand banged Aviendha.  She attacked Egwene and Aviendha, almost killing them, then Moraine tackled her into a doorway ter’angreal, which took them to the same place Mat visited twice and received his gifts.  At least I think it was same one.  I am guessing they both had been there before and since Mat’s little visit, the folks there were probably pissed about people breaking the rules.

Lanfear is described as extremely beautiful (although in her disguise as Selene she must have been super hot).  Something tells me that Angelina Jolie is pretty much the actress that everyone has in mind for Lanfear, and I cannot really argue.

My favorite of the Foresaken, since he ends up being Rand’s teacher.  He tries to attack Rand and then gets his ass kicked and Lanfear binds him so that he can use enough of his power to teach Rand the ways of the power.

The best part about him is the fact that he went to the Dark One because he was a musician who wanted immortality to gain greater fame.  Obviously he must be pretty full of himself.  I love the way he would play music while explaining things to Rand and act like it was nothing.  Such a dick.  After awhile though, he kind of grew on me.

I honestly think the perfect actor to play him is none other than the lead singer of Bush:  Gavin Rossdale.  Dark hair, dark eyes…and has that musician thing down.  Perfect.  And I have the perfect dickbag from a show I watch to play him when he is the gleeman Jasin Natael…

This is one of the ones who I do not think used a disguise.  He basically went to Caemlyn as Lord Gaebril, used his power to seduce Queen Morgase and basically control Andor.  Once she broke free of his power, he declared himself king.

Once Rand heard about the queen’s death, he went there in a rage and attacked Rahvin.  He killed a bunch of people, including Mat, Aviendha, and Asmodean.  Luckily Rand used balefire, which caused time to be reverted like Rahvin never existed, therefore those three did not die.   Although, someone killed Asmodean moments later, I still do not know who…

Anyways, Rahvin is described as being a very good looking guy.  In fact, he is the male version of Lanfear (I honestly debated using Brad Pitt since it would make sense), but I thought about the guy that every woman I know thinks is sexy:  George Clooney.

Another one of the guys who pretty much did not take a disguise.  He just became the High Lord Samon of Tear and waited for Rand to show up.  Once Rand pulled the sword, his goal was to kill Rand and take the sword.  Unfortunately, he did not expect Moraine to show up and blast him with balefire.  Oops.

Apparently back in the good ol’ days, he, Sammael, and Lews brought back the idea of using swords in battle.  Before that it must have only been a sport.  I am guessing he was a great swordsmen, and therefore must have been in amazing shape.

I have always enjoyed Joseph Fiennes as an actor and I think he has that good voice and look as someone who is ready to get into a sword fight.

The Foresaken who makes the mistake of going up against Nynaeve and Elayne.  She pretty much causes them a bunch of trouble, but then she is captured by them in the dream world.  What a schmuck.

Her name means some kind of spider and that is how all the other Foresaken describe her.  She apparently likes to hide in the shadows and wait to strike.  There is one actress who constantly came to mind while reading the books.  Helena Bonham Carter.  She has done so many roles where she is pale and dressed in black.  Hell people tend to forget that she is actually kinda hot.

Completely hedonistic.  Walks around all the time practically naked, likes to force her servants to pleasure her.  Apparently her skill is manipulating the mind.

She is described as almost as beautiful as Lanfear, with very nice boobs.  I am not going to lie, I could see plenty of girls with giant boobs, but none strike me as much as porn star Riley Steele.  She would have no problem strutting around mostly naked.

He and Lews were great friends, they did everything together. He was always the number two to Lews, which after awhile must have grated on his nerves.

After his good pal becomes the leader of the light or something, he has Graendal take him to the Dark One and he swears allegiance.

The thing that I always remember from his description is that he has a square jaw, beard, and striking blue eyes.  He also has a scar that Lews gave him.  I also think they mention that he is a little shorter than Lews, and Rand as well.  This sort of thing just pisses him off.

I kept seeing people mentioning that Lews should be played by Daniel Craig, but in all honesty, I think he is perfect for Sammael.  Just look at those cold, blue eyes.

Sammael may have jumped ship because he was sick of Lews always being number one, but that drove Demandred towards the dark one a year earlier.  He absolutely hates Lews Therin Telamon.  He is always number two, even down to being born a day later.

Honestly, there is not much known so far about him.  I just get the idea that he is always going to be second fiddle.  He called a meeting together and told the other Foresaken that the Dark One commands them to bring about chaos…

I figured since I had James Bond in it, I might as well as use an actor that I really like, yet who once was thought to be the next Bond and even lost the role to Pierce Brosnan.  James Purefoy has that look of someone who would just be insanely jealous.

We learn at some point that the one known as Ba’alzamon ended up being Ishamel.  Rand defeated him thinking him to be the Dark One.  Later he realized this was not the case and it was only Ishamael.

Apparently he is the most powerful of the Foresaken and he was actually the first to go over to the Dark One.  Since Rand did not use balefire, I am guessing he will pop back up at some point.

I figure since the majority of the time when we see him it is as Ba’alzamon and his eyes are fire and he has that ominous voice, who better to play him than Hugo Weaving.  That guy has such an awesome voice, and be honest, who cannot see him in another movie and not picture him saying “Mr. Anderson!”

The next two have been mentioned a few times, but neither has played a prominent part in the books.  So I am just going by the descriptions of them I have found at a few sites.  I will not have anything to say about either of them though.  So deal with it.



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