Wheel of Time Casting: The Ladies

There are plenty of important women that I have noticed so far in the series.  That does not even include the majority of the Aes Sedai.  These are just the women Rand and the rest of the gang have encountered since leaving the Two Rivers.

Elayne Trakand
The daughter-heir of Andor.  She is one of the loves of Rand.  She is pretty much a main character, as she becomes friends with Egwene and Nynaeve, when they all attend the White Tower together to become Aes Sedai.

She and Nynaeve go on plenty of adventures together, where they tend to argue with each other quite a bit.  They get along, but sometimes their different upbringing tends to cause problems.

Apparently she is very beautiful with blonde hair.  She has to have a presence to be a queen at some point.  I cannot remember if Amber Heard is actually a good actress, but she is definitely hot enough for the role.


The Aiel girl who turns out to have the ability to channel.  She starts out as a Maiden of the Spear, but then is forced to give it up and become a Wise One in training.  She becomes friends with Egwene (who trains with her) and Elayne (who she considers a near-sister).

The Wise Ones force her to stay with Rand and teach him Aiel customs, they also want him to spy on Rand as well.  Half the time Rand is shocked by how forward she can be about some things.  She has no problem getting undressed around him.  He definitely notices how beautiful she is.  At one point they get transported into a blizzard in the Seanchan lands, where they try to stay warm and end up sleeping together.

The popular idea would be someone like ScarJo or Milla, but those two just do not seem right.  Then I found this picture of Rachel Hurd-Wood.  She is perfect, you could definitely play down her beauty at first, but then start to reveal (if you know what I mean) her hotness.

Min Farshaw
This is the girl we meet early on in the series.  She has the ability to see things pertaining to people’s future.  She makes fun of Rand early on for being basically a hillbilly.  At first I thought she might have been introduced for one of the other guys (maybe Mat), but now we know that Rand needs three women.

During the course of her adventures she learns how to be flirtatious, and ends up going to Rand, where she pretty much throws herself at him.  She is described as very pretty, especially when she dresses like a girl.  However, most of the time she dresses like a boy and she has short hair.

Honestly, there is only one girl I can think of who should play Min.  Ellen Page definitely has the quirky/cute personality, but when you look at her a certain way you realize she is actually very pretty.  Also, she can pull off the dressing like a guy and the short hair thing very well.

Zarine Bashere, who takes the name Faile while hunting for the horn, meets up with Perrin, Lan, and Moraine, and basically decides to tag along with them.  She thinks they will lead her to the horn.  Min warned Perrin to watch out for a falcon and it turns out that Faile means falcon.  She flirts with him a good bit and eventually it becomes clear they have feelings for each other.

Later, when Perrin and Faile return to the Two Rivers, she helps Perrin and the people defend the region against the Trollocs.  She marries Perrin, even though she is the daughter of the Marshal-General and the cousin to the queen of Saldaea.

She has dark skin, dark eyes, and a nose that makes her look like a falcon.  At one point, Perrin cannot decide if she is beautiful or not.  This one took a little bit of ingenuity.  I searched foreign actresses and finally found one from India:  Sindhura Gadde.  She fits the bill.

Berelain sur Paendrag Tanreal
The First of Mayene and then later the leader of Cairhien while Rand is attending other business.  It is funny, the first time we really meet her, she is trying to seduce Rand, which does not end well for her.  He uses the One Power to scare the living crap out of her.

Later she tries to seduce Perrin, and this does not sit well with Faile.  They pretty much come to blows over him.  In fact, all the girls in the book are jealous of Berelain.  She is described as incredibly beautiful, light skinned, dark hair, big boobs, and a small waist.  My favorite thing about her though, for some reason the Aiel seem to like her, which is kind of funny.

I think Alison Brie would be absolutely perfect.  Actually, I just want to see her in tight clothes, flaunting her boobs…

Queen Morgase
Elayne’s mom and the Queen of Andor.  She is described as beautiful with red hair and beautiful blue eyes.  I am pretty sure Robert Jordan designed the character with Nicole Kidman in mind.

Birgitte Silverbow
One of the Heroes of the Horn.  She was just hanging out in the Dream World when she happened to bump into Elayne and Nynaeve.  She warned them of Moghedien being a danger.  When Moghedien attacked Nynaeve, Birgitte tried to stop her, which actually caused her to be spun out from the Wheel before her time.

Apparently she and her lover always get put out about the same time and eventually find each other.  They are the great love stories everyone remembers.  This time though, she has been spit out too early and she remembers all of her past lives.  She was on the brink of death and Elayne tried something radical:  she bonded her, making Birgitte one of the first (maybe only) female Warders.

I hated Ali Larter’s character on Heroes, but there is no denying that she is hot.  Also, she was pretty bad-ass with super-powers.  I can see her being a master with a bow and pretty damn fierce in battle.  And hey, since I am playing Mat, she and I would have fun drinking together.

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