A Crown of Swords

I just finished book seven in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  This one was pretty damn good (everyone keeps telling me that they start to become boring, but I am not sure when that will be…)  Let me recap some of things I really liked.

-Rand fighting Padar Fain.  I was glad that they finally confronted each other.  The dagger almost killed Rand, luckily one of the Asha’man was able to use healing to save him.  Then they head to Illian to confront Sammael.  Unfortunately, the battle with Sammael ends up being pretty lackluster.  Rand chases to Sammael to Shadar Logoth, where they battle a bit, but Sammael ends up being killed by the Mashadar.

-Dashiva is one of the Foresaken.  I would guess that he is Aginor (or his new body as Osan’gar).  There is just something about him.  He seems to know things and he quickly rose within the Asha’man.  As Lews would say “KILL HIM!!!”

-Who was the guy who helped Rand in Shadar Logoth?  I am guessing that it was whoever the weird guy is that holds Moghedien prisoner.  Moridin.  My thought on that one is that Rand saw him channel, but did not see the weaves or saidin.  Moridin channels from the Dark One.  The other question is who is Moridin.  I have no real guesses on that one, maybe one of the other ones Rand killed.

-Elayne and Nynaeve (reluctantly) apologize to Mat for the way they treat him.  Aviendha was shocked that they never thanked him for saving them in Tear.  Also, Mat and Birgitte have some fun conversations:  he recognizes her and when they are drinking, I think he explains that he has a bunch of dead soldiers in his head.  They become friends.

-They finally find the Bowl of Winds, and they discover another major treasure:  women who can channel, but either did not pass their tests as Aes Sedai, or were wilders.  They also learn that the one woman is over 400 years old.

-Lan finally comes back and reunites with Nynaeve.  They get married and the good schtupping that Lan gives her causes her to break her block (or maybe that block comes down when she almost dies, whatever).

-Mat’s battle with the gholam was pretty awesome.  That thing just sounds like an amazing thing to see.  Then to see Mat’s medallion hurt it.  As always, Mat is so damn awesome.

-And then, out of nowhere the Seanchan arrive in Ebou Dar.  As our merry little group tries to escape, Mat cannot find Olver and decides to go look for him.  I have a feeling that Mat will end up getting captured by the Seanchan and he will finally meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons.  That is just a guess.

I might take a break from the series in order to read Inheritance by Christopher Paolini…