Boardwalk Empire: Wife Murdering 101

Allow me to explain something:  if you owe a Jewish butcher $5000, you should probably just pay him.  Jimmy just learned this the hard way.  Manny shows up at Jimmy’s house and grabs Angela.  He is holding her hostage while he waits for Jimmy to come out of the bathroom.  As soon as the door opens, Manny shoots, but it is not Jimmy.  It is Angela’s girlfriend.  She begs, but Manny still shoots her.

It will be all out war with Philadelphia, but the real question is this:  what will Nucky do when he finds out?  Will he help Jimmy, or will he just stay out of it and not care.  Maybe this could be the thing that helps reconcile their relationship.  Maybe not.

Other awesome things:

-I love the numerous references you can catch if you pay attention.  Like Sacco and Vanzetti in this episode.
-It was great how Angela and Jimmy had that great moment before she died.  Maybe things were going to get better between them.  Probably not now.
-I wish I had a desk drawer full of Ty Cobb autographed baseballs.
-I guess sending in the guys with billy-clubs was probably a dumb move on Eli’s part.  Also, he is becoming a bit of psychopath.  Nucky should probably have killed him awhile ago.