Boardwalk Empire/The Walking Dead: Balcony Toss and Ear Necklace

Boardwalk Empire

-Anytime it appears that Nucky has no options left, he shocks us all with something crazy.  Instead of fighting Jimmy and the gang, he just steps down.  Tells them some crap about wanting to be a family man.  HAHAHA, yeah right.  Then he visits Chalky and informs him to have his people strike.  He will cause the entire city to shut down and everyone will want Nucky back.

-Also, during the party Jimmy decides he has enough of Mickey’s annoying laugh and decides to toss him over the balcony.  Actually, it was more like a way to piss off the Jewish guy.  Pretty awesome either way.

-Oh, and I thought of something interesting:  Nucky is going to Ireland soon and I bet he will try to make a deal with the Cause.  He is going to deal those guns the Armory has lying around, this will help the fledgling IRA become a serious power and then eventually they can sell guns to the Sons of Anarchy.  How crazy is it that two unrelated shows have a connection…

Hell on Wheels
I have no clue if I actually like this show or not.  I have not seen anything that leads me to believe that there will be any sweet gun fights, yet it does feature a fascinating point in our history.  The rapid development of our nation is absolutely amazing to me.

Anyways, I do enjoy our hero becoming the new boss and his whole reasoning why he would be great at helping to build a railroad, since he was so good at destroying them.  Most people like to mention how that dude played in a Britney Spears movie or something, but whatever.  He looks the part.

I guess all I can say is that I will just give it some more time…

The Walking Dead
Daryl has become one of my favorite characters.  Talk about having a rough day.  First he gets thrown off his horse and falls down a hill.  Not too bad, right?  Well one of his arrows went into his back.  He starts hallucinating about his brother, but it turns out to be a zombie.  He kills them and starts to go a little crazy.  He makes a zombie ear necklace…

His hallucination brother pushes him to climb up the hill/cliff and by the time Daryl makes it home he is pretty much limping and looks like a walker.  Andrea shoots him.  I nearly had a heart attack.  Fortunately she grazed him and he was just knocked out.

Then the big revelation:  Herschel has been keeping all the zombies in the barn.  I am guessing he is hoping for a cure or something.  Glenn is pretty freaked out.