Dark Tower Casting: Eddie Dean

I was watching A Gifted Man, okay not really watching it, but the TV was on and it came on.  I never saw the show before, but then this character came on and he reminded me of Eddie Dean from The Dark Tower series.

This got me thinking, I should do a casting for the Dark Tower, especially since the movie/show is still in talks.  When I read the books, I always pictured Kevin Corrigan as Eddie.  His performance in the crappy show, Grounded for Life made me think of Eddie or vice versa.  Sarcastic and silly, always on the verge of driving a serious person insane.

I thought he would be perfect, especially since he was from the Bronx, had the accent and whatnot.  Unfortunately, as time went on, he started to look really old.  I highly doubt he could pull off a 21 year old.

Anyways, the guy I saw tonight could pull it off.  Plus, he is pretty much a no name.  Seriously, who the hell has heard of Rhys Coiro?  He is not so young either, 32, but I think he would have a better chance to pull it off than someone younger.  I do remember him from 24, well vaguely.

For those of you who are fans of the series, let me know what you think.  Who should play Eddie?  Think about this, do you want Shia Lebouf trying to battle Blaine the Monorail?  Do you want Casey Affleck reciting the Gunslingers mantra?  Every actor suggested is either some pretty boy, or someone ridiculous.  I do like Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad), but would he really want to play another addict?

I think this is a pretty good drawing of Eddie…