Fantasy Football Week Eight

Buffalo has cheerleaders?  That is weird…

Kevin’s League
I lost again, dropping to 4-4.  I am still in third place, which is not too bad.  Victorious Secret beat me 136-84.  His team just had a great week.  My team was not so bad considering it was a few bye week replacements.

My best player was actually the Cincinnati defense, which scored 27 points for me.  Other than that, my team was pretty much average.  The Steelers shut down BenJarvus Green-Ellis (0 points, haha) and Mike Wallace/Antonio Brown combined for 19 points (they were projected for 18).  No one really had a big game for me, which cannot happen when Cam Newton scores 30, Adrian Peterson goes for 27, and Buffalo’s defense puts up 25.  Those three almost beat me themselves.

Steel City League
Get killed in one league, doing the killing in another.  I beat The Sure Shots 163.28-58.46 and jumped into seventh place, and I have scored the fourth most points in the league.  Pretty sweet.

My best players were Stafford, Gore, and Foster.  Nate Washington also stepped up and made me look smart for picking him up awhile back.  The most points I received came from the Buffalo defense (gotta love a bye week pick up).

I hope this means I might be getting on a hot streak…