Fantasy Football Week Eleven

Kevin’s League
Two men enter, both at 5-5, one comes out 6-5 and the other comes out 5-6.  I really thought for sure Offord was going to beat me on Monday, but I lucked out.  I was winning 80-37 going into Monday, but I had Green-Ellis and he had Brady, Welker, and Gronkowski.

Fortunately BJGE decided to actually show up and put up ten points for me.  I beat Offord 90-80.  My best player this week was Josh Freeman, who I almost did not start.  I figured against the Packers he would not do so well and that maybe I should pick up someone to replace Matt Schaub.  Boy, was I wrong.  Freeman scored 21 for me.

This week I take on Team Milksteak, who is in first place and has secured himself a playoff spot.  I beat him last time 128-114.  I hope my team can put up those kind of points again.

Steel City League
I won 124.90-112.14.  Still racking up the points, even with Foster on a bye week.  My big player this week was Nate Washington or Matthew Stafford.  Nate had a few less points, but it was such a nice surprise, since he surpassed his projected stats by 17.

I moved into fourth place and now have a five game winning streak.  Not too shabby for a league that I honestly thought I was out of after the first three weeks.