Fantasy Football Week Ten

Kevin’s League

Talk about getting beat down.  I thought I might go on a winning streak after last week, boy was I wrong.  I got destroyed by Couch Potato Hero’s 84-58.  I am now 5-5, but still in third place.  A down year for everyone pretty much.

Julio Jones and BenJarvus Green-Ellis both netted me zero points, which was one of the main reasons I lost.  If I had started Antonio Brown and Jonathon Stewart, along with the Bengals defense, I still would have lost, but it would have been closer.

Matt Schaub had 20 points for me, which was a nice bonus considering the Texans insane running game of late.  Also without Andre Johnson, they have not really been passing much. 

Steel City League
Another win and I am now in fourth place.  I beat Community Pillars 141.56-56.90.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  Arian Foster racked up 30.60 points, which is most due to a huge 78 yard pass from my boy Matt Schaub.  See how that crap works out? 

Unfortunately, Frank Gore left the game against the Giants with a slight knee injury.  I have no idea if he will be able to play next week.  Also next week is Arian Foster’s bye week.  I could be in trouble without two of my best players.