Fencing For Fun

After the great Penn State win over Ohio State on Saturday, I saw one of my twitter friends from OSU mention that they’d beat us in basketball.  I decided to make a joke about us beating them in fencing.  Before I did that though, I made sure that PSU was still dominant in fencing.  And yeah, they are still the dominant force in the fencing world.

I started looking at the results of fencing matches and had no idea what any of it meant.  After a little research, I came to a conclusion:  I want to fence.  I am being dead serious.

Unfortunately, as I watched some of the fencing matches on YouTube, I came to another conclusion:  it is not at all interesting to watch.  We need to spice it up.

So here is what I want:  form a fencing league.  First, I need a place to hold the matches.  Second, I need equipment.  Third, I need friends.  That is it.  I do not care what the rules are or how the scoring works.  Fuck that noise.

Also, instead of just duking it out in a straight line, I say use a full area.  Maybe even battle outside, use the terrain.  Obviously, every person in the world wants to sword fight.  And we would have to do something about those ridiculous outfits.  All white?  Absolutely not, customize your helmet/mask thing, kind of like goalies.  Plus, each team would have different color uniforms.  Once we go big time, maybe get some sponsors.

I know what you are thinking:  well Josh, how would we get better if no one has any experience?  The answer is easy, trial & error.  If you practice enough, you will get better at it.  How did the first sword fighters become good:  they practiced.  Right?  I think so.

So who is with me on this one?