NFL Week Thirteen Pick ‘Em/Why Do You Fire a Coach?

Last week I went 8-8.  I may have to start picking against the Steelers.  I am now 83-85 and in 10th place.

Why Fire a Coach?

This week the Jaguars fired Jack Del Rio, which is something I will never understand.  I get firing a coach after the first few games of the season.  But, why fire someone when your team is 3-8?  What good does this do anyone?

It is not like the Jaguars are going to become a playoff contender after this.  Why not have Del Rio finish out the season and then part ways?  What is the worst thing that can happen?  They finish 3-13?  Or they win out and finish 8-8.

I understand firing a baseball manager mid-season.  Unfortunately, it would not make sense to fire a manager at the beginning of September.

I guess I am just a fan of Jack Del Rio, since he is a beast and he tried hard to fight for coaches wearing suits.

Maybe Penn State should talk to Del Rio.  Linebacker U would continue it’s tradition with him…