NYPD Stops a Riot Warren Ellis Style

Apparently the NYPD decided to block off the subway and streets so they could stop the Occupy Wall Street protests.  No journalists could go in and report what was happening and I can imagine it went something like what Warren Ellis wrote about in Transmetropolitan:  Back on the Street.

In fact, at one point Spider Jerusalem makes the following comment on the Transient Riots:

The Transients couldn’t have managed this on their own.  They’re just big kids who thought it’d be fun to live inside an alien body.  A sane society would’ve tagged them for the waterheads they are and bought them a big playground.

Replace Transients with Occupy Wall Street protesters and you really have the same thing.  Then there is this quote from later:

It’s a show of power.  How dare anybody ignore the authority of Civic Center?  How dare a bunch of freaks try and think for themselves?  So let’s go out and stomp on children, lunatics, and incompetents, because by damn it makes our balls feel big.

I am guessing the cops did not want journalists around so they could do some major ass-stomping, mainly on a bunch of potheads and college kids.