Shitty TV Shows

Usually talk about the really good TV shows I watch.  Well I decided to mention some of the other shows that are not that good.

I hope this is the final season of the show.  I enjoyed the first episode with House in prison.  That was at least entertaining.  Unfortunately, since his release into Foreman’s custody, the episodes have been pretty disappointing.

I actually enjoy the little Asian doctor.  I could do without the other doctor, the rich one from the prison.  She seems like a combination of 13 and Dr. Cameron.  She is cute, but that is about all she is good for honestly.

Maybe things will get back to normal now that House has found money to fund his department.  I am guessing Chase and Taub will be back, which will at least make is somewhat more entertaining.

Terra Nova
I had low expectations for this show and those low expectations have not been met.  The story is pretty boring and they do not really show much of the dinosaurs.  Every episode ends up being a police procedural.  It reminds me of Eureka, but instead of being silly and fun, this show thinks it is serious.

It also seems to be too slow in developing anything about the opposing group and the vague hints about their being some evil reason for Terra Nova.  Eh, I will no longer be watching this crapfest.

American Horror Story
I made it through the first episode.  Barely.  It was just so bad.  Not scary at all and just terrible acting.

Why the hell do I even bother with this show?  I thought it would have been interesting if Ray would have been arrested, but instead he fixes the problem with his weiner.  Luckily this one is only thirty minutes, so I might keep watching.

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