SOA: Kozik Exploded

I enjoyed last night’s Sons of Anarchy, but it did not need to be a ninety minute episode.  From all the previews I saw and read about the episode, I thought more would have happened.  Unfortunately, stuff happened, but not what we expected.

-Gemma changes her mind the next day and tells Unser that the club has to worry about the cartel and Clay needs to be around for that.

-The showdown between Clay and Jax almost happened anyway.  Jax confronts him about his mom’s face and Clay tries to pull the “it’s my old lady, mind your own business.”  That worked on Tig, but not so much with Jax.

-Then they go hunting for Mexicans.  I figured at some point someone would have to die, hell maybe like a major character.  Sadly, it ended up being Kozik.  I am guessing Sutter hates Kenny Johnson, since he kills him in his shows via explosion.  In The Shield, it was with a grenade, and in last night’s episode, he stepped on a landmine.

-Speaking of Kozik exploding:  his arm lands on Juice.  That dude is not having a great season.  As he leaves the minefield, he goes on a suicide mission just trudging his way out.  Needless to say, Chibbs confronts him.   Later Juice finally tells Chibbs why he is suicidal.  Well he leaves out the whole Assistant US Attorney thing, but he tells Chibbs that his dad is black and that the sheriff is threatening to tell the club.  Chibbs laughs at him and asks what his birth certificate says.  Then Juice answers his phone and checks in with Link’s people.

-Otto is going to rat out the club.  Unfortunately, his whole reason is because of Bobby lying about Georgie being dead.  Well…Bobby, Tig, and Opie kill Georgie and get him to confess to being responsible for Otto’s wife’s death.

-The best part of the episode was a continuation of the ending last week.  And it came at the end of the episode.  Tig sees Gemma, turns in his Sgt at Arms patch to Clay.  Opie goes to the cabin and finds his dad dead.  Wayne shows up to tell Opie that Clay killed his father.

Next week seems like it should be pretty good.  Will the club have to stop Opie from killing Clay?  I really hope that Clay is able to kill Tara.  I know that is mean, but she is such a useless character.  I think it would take Jax down an interesting road.