SOA: The Truth About J.T.

The episode was pretty good.  I feel like this has been spread out over too many episodes though.  They could have honestly cut this down a little bit.  Allow me to explain in a bit.  First, what I liked.

The Good
-When Unser is there with Clay, I thought for sure that he was going to kill him somehow.  Maybe smother him, or just put another bullet in him.

-Tig.  He turned his back on Clay and now blames himself for being shot.  His running down LaRoy’s girl was pretty badass.  I loved the chase scene and then the joining of Jax and the others.  I just have on question:  when Jax is shooting at them, did no one else call the police and report a biker gang shooting at SUVs?

-Also, Tig at the hospital was pretty cool.  I felt bad for him.  I wonder how much he knows about JT?

-Gemma finally comes clean with what happened to JT.  Needless to say, Jax is not too happy.  Tara makes herself useful and provides Jax with a method to kill Clay.

-I also loved Opie’s disbelief in Jax’s promise to do something once he knows the whole truth.  Apparently, Opie is a little tired of these promises.

The Bad
-Gemma’s overall plan.  What the hell is she doing?  At first she does not want Clay killed, then she does, then she wants Jax to know.  I get that she had to find the letters and remove the elements that blamed her, but she could have went about everything in a simpler way.

-Tara.  Her whole “tell me you love me” thing was pretty damn weird.  I will have no problem if she takes a bullet.  Also, just like Gemma, what is her plan?  Did she hide the letters that implicate Gemma?  I was confused during that whole exchange.

-Jax’s reaction after shooting Opie.  He wants Unser to say it was some black guys.  He then gets pissed at Tig for going after LaRoy.  What the hell did he think would happen?

-Lincoln Potter is not kidding when he told Juice that he does not want the club.  He will get the Irish and the cartel, but leave SAMCRO out of it.  Maybe he has some connection to the club…

-Jax will take over the club, and with the IRA/Cartel out of the way, I think he will decide to stay and help push the club back towards what his father envisioned.  Either that, or Tara will die at the end of the season and force Jax to want revenge.

-There will be a war with the Niners.  Will that be the big thing for next season?