Wheel of Time Casting: The Guys

This one should make the ladies happy.  Again, this is not all the major guys from the books, but instead just some of the major guys.  I did not include any of the White Cloaks yet because I plan on doing them and some others together.  Also, I am sure at some point more characters will be introduced, so whatever.

Tam al’Thor
Rand’s father during the first few books.  Although as he travels about the world, we start to get the hint that this might not be the truth.  Then we learn that he was adopted by Tam.  The man seems like a simple shepherd at the beginning, but then we find out that he possesses a heron-marked blade, which means he is a blade-master.

Also, he ran away as a young man and joined the army and became a blade-master.  This is a good thing for Rand because the Flame/Void trick he teaches Rand, which helps Rand focus during archery and other tasks (like sword play), also helps him focus saidin.

We need a bigger guy, who plays the kind of quiet, gruff, but also very likeable father.  He needs to be believable as a farmer, but also as a warrior.  He needs to be good looking enough that all the ladies of the Two Rivers want to play match-maker for him.  How about Nathan Fillion?  That dude is just so damn cool.  Let him grow a beard and he would be perfect (he should probably just be in every movie at this point).

Gawyn Trakand
The brother of Elayne.  He is supposed to be her protector and whatnot.  He is also in love with Egwene (and she with him).  He looks a good bit like his sister and he is a pretty damn good swordsman.

During the White Tower problems, when they oust Siuan, he kills a couple Warders (his teacher actually) and forms a small army called the Younglings.  I also remember him as the cocky kid who finds Rand at the palace and keeps cracking jokes about him.

I figured Alexander Ludwig would be a pretty good choice to play Gawyn.  He has the looks and in some of the movies I have seen, he has the cocky/brash attitude.

Galad Damodred
You cannot mention Gawyn without talking about his half-brother Galad.  Actually, Galad is also Rand’s half-brother, and the two look a little bit alike.  Here is really all you need to know about Galad:  women think he is sexy.  I mean every woman out there.  He and Gawyn practice without shirts and all the Aes Sedai stop and watch him.  He has a thing for Egwene, but she does not have a thing for him.

Later he joins the White Cloaks and almost has his mind blown when he finds Elayne and Nynaeve.  Apparently he will always do the right thing.  To the point of idiocy.  He swears to get his half-sister back to Andor, but he also swore to bring in any Aes Sedai…this kind of thing can make his head explode.

Anyways, when you think of a sexy guy out there, who do you picture?  How about Paul Walker?  Plus, some people claim he looks like my pick for Rand.

Gareth Bryne
One of the greatest generals in the world.  He was the leader of the Andoran armies, but then when Rahvin came into Morgase’s life, she pushed him away and banished him out of Caemlyn.

During his banishment, he runs in Siuan and follows her to Salidar, where the rebel Aes Sedai convince him to build and lead an army against Tar Valon.

I picture him as a stoic individual, with a great mustache or goatee.  Who better than Tom Selleck?  Plus, have you seen him in Las Vegas?  He could definitely pull off that smug, know it all, who torments Siuan.

Thom Merrilin
This guy shows up in the Two Rivers as a gleeman.  He is basically an entertainer who will perform during the festival and then leave town.

He gets caught up with Rand and the gang and never looks back.  We later learn that he was a court bard in Andor and used to sleep with Morgase.  He pretty much teaches Rand a ton of cool things and even saves his life by taking on a Half-man.

Nowadays he is seen most of the time with Elayne and Nynaeve.  He is also good friends with Mat, who likes to play Stones with him since Mat’s luck skills have no effect on the game.  So who could play a character like Thom?  Someone with a huge personality and an awesome mustache?  People always mention Sam Elliot, but he is a bit too old.

Fortunately, I have a person who would make the role come alive.  When it comes to eccentric, go no further than everyone’s favorite nutjob:  Nic Cage!  Let him take a year and grow out the mustache and he would be perfect.

Juilin Sandar
A simple thief-catcher from Tear.  At first he betrays Elayne and Nynaeve to the Black Ajah and they are imprisoned in the Stone of Tear.  He then helps Mat break in and rescue them.

After that he is pretty much by those two ladies side, along with Thom, for many adventures.  Where Thom is great at getting information through nobles and the higher ups, Juilin is able to find things out from the dregs of society.

The people of Tear are described as having darker skin/darker eyes.  I just kept picturing him as Sayid from Lost.  Naveen Andrews would be pretty awesome, especially since we know he can play a pretty bad-ass individual.

Mazrim Taim
A man who can channel.  He has been causing trouble for years, but recently called himself the Dragon Reborn.  He was captured by Aes Sedai, but he escaped before they could gentle him.  He then heard about Rand’s amnesty to men who could channel and decided to join him.

He knows how to do plenty of stuff, since he has been channeling for awhile and has yet to go crazy.  He is able to copy something Rand does after only seeing it once.  Rand has him teach the Black Tower men, even though Rand knows there is something off about Taim and that he cannot be trusted.

They describe him as skinny and with a little of an attitude about him.  I kind of picture him to talk a bit like Scar from The Lion King.  Every site I found says that Jason Isaacs should play him (I am guessing that Taim turns out to be a bad guy at some point, since people are not usually creative).  However, I picture Willem Dafoe.  He is a fantastic actor, and he would easily pull off that not-so-trusting guy that is trying to help you role.  I mean, just look at the guy!

Logain Ablar
The monster we hear about in the first book who claimed to be the Dragon Reborn.  He is captured and gentled by the Aes Sedai.  He pretty much disappears until all the crap happens with Siuan.  When they escape the Tower, they bring him along.

He believes he will get his revenge, but instead Siuan uses him to convince other Aes Sedai that Elaida and the Red Ajah set him up at the Dragon Reborn in order to further their own agenda.  Most of the time he seems depressed and pretty out of it.   Fortunately, every time Min looks at him, she sees great things in his future.

Eventually, Nynaeve cures him of being gentled and heals him back to his normal strength.  She is the first person to ever do such a thing.  Egwene later helps him escape and tells him to go to Rand.  I am hoping/guessing that eventually he will square off with Mazrim Taim.

He is described as a big guy, and very king-like.  I picture Eric Bana every single time I read a chapter with him.  Think of Bana from Troy.

Masema Dagar

Speaking of a guy helping Rand.  How about our good buddy Masema?  Funny story, remember how in the first couple books the armies of Shienar are all badass and whatnot.  Then after awhile, you never really hear much about them again.  There was one soldier who pretty much hated Rand, especially when they were searching for the Horn, his name was Masema.  He thought it was bullshit that Rand was named the second in command and all that jazz.

After Falme, Masema realizes that Rand is the Dragon Reborn and declares himself a loyal servant.  Well, at some point Moraine sends the soldiers in search of someone and Masema starts calling himself the Prophet of the Dragon Reborn.  From there, shit gets kind of screwy.

He collects people to him like crazy and pretty much causes chaos wherever he goes.  At some point, Rand will have to send someone to deal with this lunatic.  Who could play a tough soldier, who might be a bit insane?  Christian Bale.  No question.  I can see him now screaming at a queen about her style of dress, using his cool Batman voice…

Honestly, this guy is such a minor character, but he is great comic relief.  I get the feeling that he is an old soldier, with his eye-patch and scars.  He eventually helps Nynaeve and Elayne escape somewhere and make it to Salidar.  I think he is in Gareth Bryne’s army nowadays.

I like Michael Keaton.  I think he could pull off the old soldier thing and the funny, trying not to swear around the ladies part.  Whatever, these are my choices, live with it.  And it would be great uniting all the Batman actors together.  I just need Val Kilmer and Adam West…

Abell Cauthon
Mat’s dad.  Not much to really say about the guy.  He is basically a background character who helps Tam during the Two Rivers wars against the Trollocs.  Mat mentions that he is great with a quarter-staff.

I figured you need someone who is a bit of a smart-ass to play Mat’s father.  How about Ty Burrell, do you remember him from Dawn of the Dead?  He was pretty funny.  Again, this is another one that you just have to accept from me.

Padan Fain
The peddler who shows up at the beginning and turns out to be a Darkfriend.  Then we learn that things went very wrong for him in life.  He ends up becoming something of pure evil.  I do not even think he has any loyalty to the Dark One anymore, since he likes to kill Fades for fun.

He has one goal and that is to kill Rand and everyone he loves.  He is absolutely insane.  He is described as having a big nose and being a pretty ugly fellow.  He is tall and lanky (I think).  I personally think Adrian Brody should probably play him.  Basically because of the nose thing.

Davrim Bashere
Faile’s father and another of those great generals.  He has not really played a major part so far except to offer Rand advice.  I do know that he is described as kind of short, but I did not take that into consideration.  I figured since I went with Middle Eastern for Faile, I should probably do so for her father.

To be perfectly honest, no one really came to mind.  I found this picture of Faran Tahir and figured he could pull the role off, but I am not really all that pleased with it.  Maybe someone else has a better suggestion.

Lews Therin Telamon
The original Dragon.  The guy that went crazy and broke the world.  The most powerful Aes Sedai ever.  Remember how when I described some of the Foresaken, they turned to the Dark One out of jealous and because they were tired of playing second fiddle to Lews?

Unfortunately, minus flashbacksWwe are only going to hear his voice in Rand’s head most of the time.  And at times that voice needs to sound like a completely insane person.  So, what actor out there could pull off such an awesome role?  What guy is good looking enough to cause guys like George Clooney and Daniel Craig to be pissed off?  Is there really a question here?  Brad Pitt would knock this one out of the park.

Alright, that is it for this round.  Like I said, there will probably be some more at some point.  Still plenty of characters I have omitted.  Next time it will probably be Aes Sedai.  Should be fun (mostly hot girls!).  As always the drawings after the jump are brought to you by Seamassketches.