Work Rant

I normally try not to talk about The Place That Shall Not Be Named, but today I feel like I have to or else I might explode.  If you do not feel like reading me bitch about work then feel free to skip this post.

Before I begin, allow me to explain a few things.  First, TPTSNBN gives managers one weekend off every period (a period being a 28 day time frame, for those idiots out there that do not know this or have a girlfriend).  Second, they close our units only a few times a year:  Christmas (actually they close for half of Christmas Eve as well), Thanksgiving, half of Easter, and a Steelers Super Bowl.  I bet some of you can figure out where this is going…

Christmas has decided to fall on Sunday this year (I think the rest of the group is catching up, but I will keep explaining).  That means that the unit will close at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and be closed all of Sunday.  My Boss will work Saturday morning and give us managers off all of Saturday and Sunday.  Very nice, right?  Unfortunately, this is being counted as our weekend off.  This is why I am upset.

How are they going to count a day we are not open as my weekend off?  Understand this:  they also give us our two days off that week.  Just so we are clear, we get two days off each week and once a period, those two days are a weekend.  In my opinion, we should still get a weekend off.  Unfortunately, the next level boss decided we did not need an actual weekend off and for the first time in years, every weekend will see every manager.

What angers me most about this is the way TPTSNBN acts like they care about us.  They constantly talk about winning ethics awards and having happy employees.  You would think they would want to keep us happy and treat us to another weekend off.  Hell, if they were wise, they would have told us at our September seminar that they were giving us an extra weekend off and made themselves seem like the good guys.  Instead they take away a weekend and fail to mention it to anyone, which just seems shady.

Do not even get me started on the way they like to shaft us when it comes to vacation days and their inconsistencies in how they can be used.  Anyways, I feel better getting that off my chest.  If anyone mentions the company in the comments, I will delete the comment.  Sorry, just being safe.

2 thoughts on “Work Rant

  1. *** This is the first post I’ve been able to read in awhile for fear of you spoiling every show I watch three weeks after it originally airs.***

    Ugh, I hate the “say one thing, do another” management style. My company used to always preach that employees should constantly be improving and developing, yet would never increase salaries, even for employees that had been there years. After awhile, they switched tactics to just turning over the staff every year or so. Not sure which I think is more shitty.

    So yeah, burn that mother down. Set every smile on fire. Only option I see, really.

  2. haha, oops. hope i didn’t ruin anything too important…

    i love that we get shit raises and then they hire new people for as much or more than we make. pisses me off.

    i am tempted…very tempted.

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