Bathroom Oddities

I think the title says it all.  Let us begin.

When you use a Q-tip for your ear, do you use one for each ear?  You take the one side, clean the ear, and then use the other side to go over again.  Ever notice that there is pretty much nothing on the second pass?  I notice this all the time.

I have tried to just use one Q-tip, one half for each ear, yet my ears do not feel clean afterward.  I really do not have a solution to this problem.  Does anyone else?

Fear of Death
I hate when I am in the shower and there is no one else home and I hear a sound.  Immediately I think that someone might be breaking in and they are going to try and stab me.  Probably from watching horror movies and whatnot.

How do I prepare myself for this inevitable attack?  Naturally, I try to keep my eyes open and on the door.  That means when I rinse my face off, I end up doing it in an odd way.  I keep putting my face in the water and quickly remove it.  The funny thing is that it probably takes longer to do it this way.  I never said I was smart, and come on, at 5:00 a.m. who can really be rational?

Also, if someone were to break in and try to kill me while I am in the shower, what the hell does it matter if my eyes are closed?  What am I going to do, fight them off?  I am naked and wet.  Not really a good combo for hand-to-hand combat.  Yep, I am an idiot.  And I know that everyone has done this kind of thing before.

Singing in the Shower
I like to sing in the shower.  Who doesn’t?  Unfortunately there only a few songs that I actually know the majority of the words.
Incubus-Pardon Me
Ekoostik Hookah-Loner
Bob Dylan-The Hurricane
Our Lady Peace-Superman’s Dead
The Hellacopters-By the Grace of God

I know…what an odd mix…

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Oddities

  1. I definitely partake in the Fear of Death, though I only really fear when I have my eyes shut. And it’s never burglars, usually something dumb, like, “I just know when I wash my face this morning, Dracula will finally show up.” Or Slenderman or something.

    You’re blowing my mind with the Q-Tip thing. It never occurred to me to make an extra pass with the other end. I always thought 2 Ends for 2 Ears. You must have the cleanest ears in Cambria County.

    Even though you only know a couple songs, you should be proud to know all the words to Hurricane. There’s like 9,000,000 words in that. And it cracks me up that you’re in the shower belting out, “Arthur Dexter Bradley’s still in the robbery game!”

  2. Haha, okay, my big fear in the shower is that Jason Vorhees is going to hack me into pieces. I have never even seen a Friday the 13th movie, talk about irrational.

    I hope to have your favorite during Thunder in the Valley…I imagine that is a contest they hold, cleanest ears?

    I know a good majority of that song. Mainly because before the internet, my dad and i sat around one night writing down the words, trying to figure out the whole thing. good times.

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