Boardwalk Empire: Sutter Take Note…This is How You End a Season

Last week was a pretty awesome episode, but I failed to write about it since I watched it on Tuesday and wanted to focus on Sons of Anarchy.  We see through a series of flashbacks, how Jimmy ended up with Angela and what caused him to leave Princeton.

Basically his mom got drunk while visiting him at school and when he tried to put her in his bed, she started kissing him.  They had sex.  Seriously.  That one thing that we all suspected, but never wanted to discuss because well, most shows do not do that to a main character.

Needless to say, after banging his mom, he left Princeton and joined the Army and went over to Europe to fight za Germans.  And before I go any further, I have to say that James Darmody is a real motherfucker.

Anyways, on to the awesomeness of the finale:

-Richard and Jimmy forcing the turncoat to write a confession saying he set Nucky up and that it was all Eli.  Then killing him and making it look like a suicide.  That is when those two are at their best, being completely badass.

-I was pretty excited to see Nucky reconcile with Jimmy and then with Eli.  Jimmy tied everything up nicely for Nucky.  Fixing the Chalky White/KKK problem was pretty badass as well.

-The ending was probably the most shocking thing I have seen in awhile.  Jimmy goes to meet Nucky because he has Manny for him.  Unfortunately, Jimmy walks into a trap.  Apparently, Nucky believed Eli over Jimmy about who tried to kill him.

Jimmy gives Nucky a little lecture about what it is like to kill that first man.  Then Nucky shoots him in the head and tells him that he is not seeking forgiveness.  Most people seem to believe that this is the first person Nucky has ever killed, but I do not think so.  The way he said “you do not know me James.”  Leads me to think that maybe in his younger days he did kill some people for the Commodore, and tried to rise above that…

It was seriously a shocking moment though.  I cannot believe they would kill off Jimmy.  It was a great move because it was hard to imagine how they could all coexist.  I actually thought Nucky was going to shoot Eli and allow Jimmy to kill Manny, but I think I like this ending better.

-Also, how pissed is Nucky going to be when he finds out that Margeret signed the deed of land over to the church?  She needs a bullet.