Christmas Time

I realize that most of you are dying to know what Lindsey and I did for Christmas (I am guessing the majority of you saw us at some point).  Also, I am sure you are all eager to hear about the awesome gifts I received.  So, here it goes.

These are some pictures of our tree.  Pretty obvious actually, unless you are blind, but then if you are blind, how would you be reading this?

You cannot see it, but I bought myself a pretty sweet Thor ornament.  It is hanging somewhere on the tree.

The interesting thing is that we do not have all that many ornaments.  Looking at our parent’s trees, I realized that ornaments come from children, which could be problematic.  Soooo, I am going to make it my goal to buy random ornaments throughout the year.

Also, you cannot see one of Lindsey’s presents hiding in the tree.  I am shocked that she did not find it.

Anyways, let me tell you about a gift I bought for Lindsey.  She kept saying (since about October) that she wanted jewelry.  In fact, about 837 of her friends had to tell me at some point that I should buy her jewelry.  When I went shopping, I told her that I could not get her anything from a jewelry store because it was too crowded and the places pissed me off.

I then went to Kohls and bought her a necklace for $13.  I allowed her to open that first, and I could tell that she was slightly disappointed.  Then, after she opened everything, I told her to get the box out of the tree.  She was quite pleased with the actual necklace.

We also did plenty of traveling from the holiday.  On the 23rd we left here and went to Philipsburg (65 miles), to visit my Pap, Gram, and Aunt Sandy.  Then we stayed at my Mom’s house.  The next day we woke up and went up to my Dad’s house with my brother, Lora, and Aubrey.

That is my Dad with Aubrey (in case you were wondering, she is Lora’s daughter, and if you were wondering who Lora was, well that is Adam’s girlfriend).  The guy wearing pajama pants (at noon) is my Dad.

We left Dad’s house and went back to my Mom’s and exchanged gifts there and watched the Steeler game.  Then we left and went to Lindsey’s dad’s girlfriend’s house, where we ate dinner and played some games.  She lives in Westmont, which is 90 miles from Philipsburg.

The next morning we went to Lindsey’s mom’s house and exchanged gifts there.  Then we left there and went to my Pap and Gram’s house in Spring Valley (another 90 miles).  We played poker and enjoyed great company, then came back home.  Pretty much drove almost 350 miles in those two days.

So what did I get for Christmas?  These are in no particular order and if I miss anything, that does not mean I did not like it, just that I cannot see it from where I am sitting.

This is the stuff I bought with those giftcards

-Quesadilla Maker
-Socks, boxers, undershirts
-My coat and scarf
-Steelers and Pens pictures (3 total)
-Macy’s giftcards
-Star Wars spatulas
-Beard trimmer
-Community season 2
-Batman hoodie
-Pirate hat and a gray Clemente jersey
-Penn State shirt
-Tie and a sweater
-Phase 10
-Sheetz giftcards and other assorted things

I am trying to convince Lindsey to write her own damn post about what I got her…

Anyways, it was a great Christmas and I want to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts.  And the good times.