Fantasy Football Week Fifteen/NFL Pick ‘Em Week 16

Steel City League

Well I lost in Kevin’s league, so I ended up in sixth place…whatever.  In the SCL, I beat the #1 seed, Mean Machine, and moved into the finals.  It was actually a pretty close match, 142.54-129.58, although 12.50 of those points came on Monday from Frank Gore.  Mean Machine did not have anyone playing Monday, so I knew I had already won.

My best player was Matthew Stafford, who put up 31.14 points, but my biggest surprise came from Reggie Bush.  He scored 25.90 points, he is always so damn up and down (actually he has been playing pretty well the last few weeks).

This week I take on Hurricane Arians, who I lost to back in week three.  I feel pretty confident that I can win this league.

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 16
Last week I was 5-10.  I am now 106-109 on the year and in 11th place.