Fantasy Football Week Fourteen/NFL Pick ‘Em Week 15

Kevin’s League
Congratulations Offord!  You pretty much curb-stomped me.  Thanks man!  I thought we were friends.

Seriously, he beat me 141-72.  I have no excuses.  His team is just that good right now.  He has scored 140+ the past three weeks.  Yeah, his team is doing fine and I am hoping he wins it.  I am now playing for fifth place.  I could care less how that turns out.

Steel City League
Now this was an awesome battle.  I beat Shousetown Steelers 126.58-124.18.  That is pretty damn close and a little bit nerve wracking.  Next week I take on Mean Machine, who is the first seed, but I think I beat him during our only match up this season.

Unfortunately, I will not have DeMarco Murray since he is out for the rest of the season.  At least I will still have Nate Washington, who was my best player last week.  Way to go Nate!

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 15
Last week I went 8-8, moving my record to 101-99 and to put me in 9th place.