Fantasy Football Week Sixteen/NFL Pick ‘Em Week 17

I lost.  How depressing.  Say it again:  I lost.  Normally I would be okay with finishing in second place in fantasy football, but I lost because of a stupid decision, which is a pretty idiotic way to lose.  Before I explain, the final score ended up 150.26-124.42.  Congratulations Hurricane Arians on a great season!

The first irritating thing was that I set my lineup early in the week and never really checked it again.  Turns out that Mario Manningham did not play.  That hurt, but not all that much, since this is a pretty deep league and there is pretty much no one available.  Hell, from my bench, the best player to plug in was Jacoby Jones and his stellar 4.20 points.

Unfortunately, that was not the part that upset me.  Before I set my lineup, I considered starting the Bills defense against Tebow and the Broncos, but then I decided to stick with Green Bay.  They have not been lighting up points-wise for me most of the season, but they have been pretty consistent.

The Bills scored 30 points, whereas the Packers only scored 4.  How does that make me feel?  26 more points if I used the Bills.  You do the math…

Anyways, my best player was Matthew Stafford, but since I already his picture before, I will use Frank Gore, who had a pretty good season.  Actually, I lied, I never used Stafford, but I really like this picture.

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 17
113-118 and in 11th place.  Last week I was 7-9.  I need to go 11-5 in order to finish above .500.