Fantasy Football Week Thirteen/NFL Pick ‘Em Week 14

Kevin’s League
I got my ass kicked.  Mainly because I started Josh Freeman and he was injured.  I actually started a few people I would not have, but I was pretty much focused on going to the game.  I still would have lost though.  My team is falling apart right as we head into the playoffs.

My best player was Percy Harvin, who scored 28 points for me.  After that, everyone else was mediocre.

This week I take on Offord in the first round of the playoffs.  My team is going down, and his team is just getting super-hot.  Should be interesting.

Steel City League
I won 145.12-73.06.  You would think this many wins in a row would move me up in the standings, but sadly it has not.  The playoffs start this week and I am the fourth seed.  I honestly think I have a good chance to win this league.

As an added bonus, I have decided to include my picks this week.  Unfortunately, some of these might change.

Last week I went 10-6 and moved up to 7th place with a record of 93-91.  Just need another week like that…