Higgs, Aliens, Sportsmenship, and Being Tough

I thought about making these into a bunch of small posts, but figured I would combine them into one big one.  Be prepared for some fun.

Higgs Boson
I am not going to even pretend to know much about particle physics, but from what I understand, there could be some pretty exciting news coming in the near-future.  Here is a BBC article that is much better at explaining things than me.

I will not lie, I love watching programs on Science when they start talking about quantum and particle physics.  I understand it a bit, but still find it absolutely fascinating.

Aliens Attacking Mercury
I will bet money that at some point we will see this incorporated into an episode of Ancient Aliens.  Wait, you have no clue what I am talking about?  Allow me to explain:

Apparently, images from NASA showed something near the planet Mercury.  The best thing to do is to jump to a conclusion about what it could possibly be:  a cloaked alien spaceship.  I shit you not.  Listen to this idiot explain his findings (I am guessing he is not a scientist).

As I watched this, I thought the dude must be a little crazy.  I decided to do a quick search to see if I could find more about it.  Then I found this article and basically scientists already explained what we were seeing.  People do not realize just how much work goes into cleaning up pictures from satellites and how tricky it is to take a picture of things that far away.

Bad Call?
I was listening to the radio the other morning and I heard the sports radio guys (I think from 93.7 in Pittsburgh) talking about how this referee made a terrible call during this Massachusetts football game.  The QB breaks free and runs it in for a long touchdown.  The ref throws a flag and it is called back because he raised a fist during the run.

I guess the call was unnecessary celebration or unsportsmanlike conduct.  They were going on about how it is ridiculous and the kid should just be allowed to have fun and enjoy the moment.  Oh, and by the way, after the penalty, the QB threw a pick, which led to a TD and the win for the other team.

At first I was on their side until I started thinking about it.  They said that the ref warned both teams before the game that any first raising, or pointing to the sky would be penalized.  If he warned them, then I am sorry, it was just a stupid thing to do.  It is not like the ref waited, as soon as he saw that hand go up, he threw the flag (well more like when the hand goes down).

I have a feeling most people will disagree with me on that one though…

Atheist Sign
I actually have very little to say on this one.  Just that I like it.

Big Ben
I hate when people try to make the argument that Ben Roethlisberger fakes these injuries in order to get attention.  I mean seriously, why would he leave the game and miss the end of the first half against the Browns unless he was actually in pain.

Or wait, I bet he actually faked that whole appendectomy thing.  Or the numerous other injuries we have seen him take over the years.  How come he plays with injuries all the time and people question it, yet back in the day people praised Brett Favre for being a warrior.

Seriously, this shit is getting old.  Also, people who think the Steelers would be better off with Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon starting are most likely retarded.  They need to stop huffing paint thinner.

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  1. That was a bad call. Well, at least the penalty portion of it. I have no problem with throwing the flag, it’s the taking back of the TD that’s the problem. Assess the yardage on the kickoff, the taunting had nothing to do with the outcome of the play.

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